Add 'As Seen On' Media Logos to Your Website

'As Seen On' Media Logos PR Distribution is commited to helping customers increase visibility, exposure, traffic and sales revenue. Add 'As Seen On' media logos to your website to convey social proof and instantly establish trust, credibility and authority with your audience — and increase sales conversions today!


  1. Open your press release distribution report.
  2. Select favorite media site from each of the corresponding news networks (eg. FOX).
  3. Enter the links to those corresponding media sites below.
  4. Copy and paste the embed code to your website.
  5. Upload to Publish!

The ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW top tier media outlets come guaranteed with our Premium Pro & Premium Concierge Distribution.


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Embed Code

Copy and paste the code below to the HTML of your website. You may need to contact your webmaster to install.