A History of the Polynesian Navigators of the Archipelago Reimagined in a Modern Perspective Reality

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Author Fata Ariu Levi, Salem, Oregon announced the publication of his Navigators Forging a Culture and Founding a Nation Volume II: Navigators Founding a Christian Nation in Polynesia this past March 18. The series is dedicated to the Independent Island Nation of Samoa's First Female Prime Minister, Afioga Fiame Naomi Mata'afa.

This volume completes the Orator Chief's treatise on the more than 3000-year history of the Navigators—Samoans and Manu'ans—in their migration from South Asia and subsequent colonization of the Eastern Pacific region, covering their cultural development and the building of an Island Nation in three books. Volume II of the second book offers a complete history and culture of the Samoan and Manu'an people, chronicled in a new narrative, and offering a new perspective on reality. The Orator Chief offers a new vision of Samoan history and culture, in a paradigm shift 120 years in the making since the scholarly ethnological study in 1902 published by the anthropologist, physician, and biologist Dr. Krämer, The Samoa Islands Volume I & II. Sūsūga Papali'i Dr. Failautusi Avegalio, director of the Pacific Business Center Program (PBCP) Shidler College of Business University of Hawaii System, has described it as a wonderful gift to people of today and to future generations.  

Volume II expresses the 3000-year history in time-periods with family ancestry and connections, corroborated by archeological evidence, cultural praxis, and oral, local legends. The account includes an analysis of the incredible transformation undertaken by Samoans and Manu'ans to embrace Christianity (with 98% of Samoans now claiming to be Christian) and colonialism by the Europeans—defining moments in the lives of the Navigators of the Archipelago.  

The Orator's historical treatise is presented in three volumes:  

Navigators Quest for a Kingdom in Polynesia, published in 2020  

• Navigators Forging a Culture and Founding a Nation, published in two volumes:

  • Volume I Navigators Forging a Matriarchal Culture in Polynesia, published in 2021, and

  • Volume II Navigators Founding a Christian Nation in Polynesia, just released.

Sūsūga Papali'i Dr. Failautusi Avegalio describes Chief Fata Ariu Levi is a valuable adviser and mentor to PBCP's Multi-Purpose Business Incubator (MPBI) initiative with his many years of business entrepreneurship. His cultural and historical treatise on the Navigators of  the Archipelago further reinforces the foundational “harbor light” of the PBCP objective of entrepreneurship in business and nonprofit economic development in local communities and government agencies in the Pacific Island countries, through the humility-based wisdom gifted by cultural praxis and ancient ancestry. Combined with evidence from the sciences and rapid changes in new information technologies, this provides additional motivation to PBUP/MPBI mission initiatives.  

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Available in ebook, paperback and hardcover at Amazon Kindle,  Apple, Google Play and others.  

Available also from retailers such as Walmart, Barnes and Nobles, Target, Costco and more through the IngramSpark publishing platform.  

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In a career spanning over 40 years, Fata Ariu Levi, is a serial entrepreneur in financial banking services and information technology transformation. With several accomplished startup initiatives in Israel and China, including publicly traded banking wholesale payments technology company, Ariu Levi, as he is known in business,  is semiretired and is still active with startup investments and advisers to both for-profit and philanthropic organizations.  

Author: Fata Ariu Levi  

Edited by: Sheila Deeth  

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website: www.navigatorsofthepacificocean.com  

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