"Big Brother" by BONG-747: maxi-single and music video

2022-01-27 20:30:00 - Nicosia, Cyprus - (PR Distribution™)

To all people of the Earth!


The OMNINORM record label is extremely proud to present Big Brother, the debut maxi-single from the artist known as Bong-747. This release is officially approved by the Ministry of Truth, recommended for listening by the Ministry of Love, and is also fully certified by the Thought Police. When creating this record, the actual theses developed by the participants in the momentous Congress of the Inner Party were taken into account. Remember, only those who bought and constantly listened to the Bong-747 sound recordings will not be considered unpersons, unlike consumers of some kinds of questionable and harmful music genres.


As follows from the artist's biography, which can be found on page 344 of the list of musicians, writers, and poets officially approved by the Ministry of Truth, in his youth Bong-747 sang in the order-bearing choir named after Big Brother. Since the mid-nineties, he participated in several musical projects of a patriotic orientation and performed in front of the military personnel of the vanguard garrisons of our Glorious and Victorious Army.


The maxi-single contains the original version of Big Brother music piece, as well as five remixes of it. In the course of numerous experiments carried out by experts from the Ministry of Plenty, it was scientifically proven that listening to this release helps to boost labor productivity in factories of the military-industrial complex and increase milk yield in cattle. The Ministry of Peace, in its turn, recommends listening to this recording at official party meetings and during military maneuvers at training grounds for armored forces, especially so during the nation’s Hate Week.


The original version of Big Brother is featured in the music video, which can be viewed here https://youtu.be/alzM4aeLHvU




The Big Brother maxi-single will be available digitally on January 28 with video coming a week ahead and vinyl at a later date.

Avoid Room 101 - listen now and accept the unconditional love for Big Brother. 

Glory to our Beloved Leader and to our Great Party!

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