CarGuard Administration Is A 2021 Annual PACE Convention Silver Partner

2021-09-22 12:00:00 - Phoenix, Arizona, United States - (PR Distribution™)

CarGuard Administration has joined forces with the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) to support the 2021 convention. PACE is a non-profit organization that specializes in the customer engagement industry. 


It helps members advance by focusing on their contact centers and improving engagement with customers. This year, the National Customer Service Week (powered by Pace) will be held from October 4-8. As a leader in this field, they also hold an Annual PACE Convention


The 2021 PACE Convention Set To Be Different


Given the current climate, PACE and its Silver Partner supporter, CarGuard Administration, alongside other big names, will be running this year’s convention online. Attendees will be treated to a full two-day schedule on 26-27 October.


The event will focus on improving the customer experience and has hot topics already planned, such as emerging technology and how contact centers and customer service representatives are coping and excelling in these tricky times. Attendees can expect keynote speakers, a speed networking session, roundtable discussions, and more. 


Why CarGuard Administration Got Involved


CarGuard Administration offers vehicle protection plans and was founded with the purpose of shaking up the industry. Dedicated to being an administrator that provides good client and customer service, it takes relationships very seriously. 


The company also offers different levels of coverage so customers can pick whichever plan best suits their needs, so they don’t have to pay extra. It’s also an administrator that offers a rental car on the first day. This is invaluable to customers, so they don’t experience further interruption when they need to get their car back on the road.


Another highlight for the company is around its paperwork which can often be confusing and misleading for customers across many industries. They are known for having some of the easiest documentation to read and understand so that there are no surprises. 


CarGuard Administration is also a fully insured vehicle service contract provider. This peace of mind guaranteed to customers is backed up by the fact all of their contracts are insured with an A-rated insurance firm. 


A Natural Partnership Between An Administrator And Non-Profit


The ideas between CarGuard Administration’s company ethos and what PACE sets out to achieve is clear. They hope to lend a helping hand to other companies with contact centers looking to improve their customer engagement. This includes everyone from those that offer vehicle service contracts to telecommunications specialists. 


CarGuard Administration has achieved its success based on the principle that a satisfied customer makes a company. By working with other experts such as PACE, the combined knowledge and experience go together to ensure that all customers have a good experience. 


The customer reviews online are testimony to the hard work the company has put in to keep its customers happy. A common theme across these reviews is how friendly and professional the customer service reps are. When as stressful as an accident, more companies should be aiming for this accomplishment if they want to claim a satisfied customer base.

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