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Moving out of an apartment or condo is never easy. You will have to take time off work, pack all your belongings, and find a place to store them while you are gone. When the day comes for your move-out date, you might be surprised how much it costs to hire movers in order to complete this task. The cost varies depending on whether you are moving into an apartment or a condo - apartments generally cost more than condos because they require more labor and materials.


The cost to hire apartment movers is different depending on how many people you are hiring, as well as the distance of your apartment move. To give you a rough estimate, it costs approximately $200-$400 for two movers to help someone move out of an apartment or condo. The cost can go up if there are more than two people moving and/or longer distances traveled.


College Dudes Help U Move CEO Abraham Cannon suggest that When you are looking for apartment movers, there are a few things to consider. The first is how many people will be moving and what type of furniture they have. For example, if two or three people move with one piece of large furniture the cost may not differ much from when four or five people move with ten pieces of small furniture . The second consideration is how long the apartment move will take.  Further Cannon states “Its best to start your search early when looking for reputable movers to help you with your apartment move. Good movers are very hard to come by. Often moving companies such as College Dudes Help U Move get booked up far in advance. I always recommend booking your move two and 3 months in advance. Make sure to leave time for unforeseen events that may or may not occur.”


Movers are generally able to provide a cost estimate before they come out so you can be prepared. There are some fees that apartment movers charge, and others that tenants may need to cover themselves such as packing materials or dishware. Generally in order for apartment movers to do their jobs well, they must prepare ahead of time with taking measurements, figuring out what type of furniture needs disassembling/reassembly, and finding any other specific details about your apartment move beforehand.


What Is Apartment Moving Cost?


Moving costs vary depending on distance between locations (longer distances means more money), number of people moving (more people equals higher price) and size of items being moved from apartment to apartment.


What Movers Do You Need For Moving Out Of An Apartment?


To properly move out of an apartment, apartment movers in Charlotte generally need at least two people for the job. One person disassembles and re-assembles furniture (or boxes up items), while another carries things downstairs and loads them into a moving vehicle in the parking lot or on the street outside your apartment building.


How Many Mover Are Needed To Move Out Of A Condo?


Many condo buildings require that you hire a company with many employees rather than just one so they can be sure all belongings are moved as quickly as possible down to loading vehicles parked inside or outside of buildings' entrances/exits. This is because elevator access is limited and may be an inconvenience for some condo dwellers.


How long does it take to move out of a 1 bedroom apartment?


It takes an average of 2-4 hours to move out of a one bedroom apartment. However, the amount of time it will take your movers may vary depending on how much you have and where you're moving to. other factors are if you have an elevator or stairs. In addition, if you have long walks to and from the moving truck, this can affect the amount of time movers take to complete your move.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers For An Apartment?


The cost for hiring Charlotte apartment movers varies based on many factors such as size and distance but is generally $120-$140 per hour. If you have stairs the cost is generally $150-$180 per hour. The additional cost is the result of having to employ extra workers to complete the job efficiently.

The cost to move in or out of an apartment can vary. However, with proper planning apartment movers can usually complete the apartment move in about two hours.


How Long Does It Take Movers To Move Out Of An Apartment?


Typically apartment movers will need one to two hours to pack and load an apartment. Two or three more workers are needed for a full-service mover who will also unpack, arrange furniture, assemble beds and put together other items that may come with your moving truck such as dressers, tables or couches. The average time it takes apartment movers is five to six hours per job but this varies depending on many factors including how large the apartment is and how much stuff needs to be packed up into boxes as well as moved out of the apartment.

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