ContactPoint 360 In The Spotlight - Contact Center Speech Analytics & Voice AI Capabilities Highlighted By CEA

2020-11-17 07:00:00 - MISSISSAUGA, Ontario

AI Speech Analytics technologies are enhancing quality assurance (QA) monitoring and training approaches at contact centers.

ContactPoint 360’s in-house experts Elizabeth Sedlacek and Mark Rodrigue, weighed in on the impact of AI technology for the contact center industry and its revolutionary effect on driving process transformations, at a webinar hosted by Canadian Electricity Association, moderated by David McKendry. Watch the full webinar here.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the CEA Conversation Series. Quality Assurance-AI is a billion-dollar industry set to grow to $5 billion USD by 2025. Companies that adopt these emerging technologies will gain unprecedented insights into their business and become enabled to evolve their models and meet ever changing consumer needs.” said Mark Rodrigue, SVP, Global Operations & Growth for ContactPoint 360 Inc.

AI and speech analytics are already part of our daily lives – be it navigating routes, talking to Alexa or watching a movie. It uses Natural Language Processing to analyze and convert verbal instructions into data. 

“Speech analytics and Voice AI technology has evolved the job of QA analysts who went from ‘policing’ agents to have conversations around optimizing processes and enabling growth.” said Elizabeth Sedlacek, VP of Client Relations & Partnerships of ContactPoint 360, Inc. “For agents, these conversations bridge their gap between understanding the business and the customer, to enable remarkable improvements in their skill.”

AI systems are now capable of going well beyond assessing agent performance and can provide in depth business analytics at a level that was not previously viable. ContactPoint 360’s Speech Analytics AI implementations in contact centers can monitor 100% of agent-customer interactions. 

“Having instant visibility and analysis of 100% of customer interactions with a call centre is a game changer! Traditional manual quality assurance models that only assess 1-2% of calls per month are time consuming, expensive, and are not truly reflective of the service levels provided. Artificial intelligence based speech analytics and data mining tools can greatly help to improve the customer experience!” said the host of the CEA Conversation Series, David J. McKendry, Senior Fellow at Canadian Electricity Association. 

About CEA:

CEA (Canadian Electricity Association) is the leading energy association, indispensable to the regional, national, and international success of its members. CEA offers members a broad range of innovative programs and services in addition to delivering a coherent and convincing industry viewpoint to decision makers on critical policy and regulatory issues.

About ContactPoint 360:

Founded in 2007, ContactPoint 360 (www.contactpoint360.com) is a Canadian based global customer experience company with contact center locations across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. The company provides business process outsourcing (BPO), omnichannel customer experience solutions including voice, email, chat, and social media. ContactPoint 360 services major international clients across various business sectors, including energy, finance, retail, telephony, and healthcare. The company also provides full-service CX consulting, an in-house software development department, and CX centric digital marketing services.

Sales Contact: Elizabeth Sedlacek, VP of Client Relations & Partnerships | email: elizabeth.sedlacek@contactpoint360.com

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