DealCaptains Capitalize on their Travel as a Service Model

2021-10-25 12:00:00 - Salt Lake City, UT, United States

We've all heard of SaaS for years, and most companies invest in multiple SaaS services that help their companies work more efficiently. DealCaptains has taken this concept into travel with their TaaS Model.

So what exactly is TaaS? Travel as a Service, a flat rate corporate travel service with a monthly membership determined by the number and type of Travelers you'll have. Maximum benefits focused on the traveler include low touch to high touch services and ease of use. 100% transparency geared to the business traveler, their needs, and the company's needs, providing access to the travel tools they use today and the latest innovation in the industry. Not to mention the best customer service you can find by the most talented industry veterans. They are disrupting the Corporate Travel Management industry, making your business trips more cost-effective and efficient. Two things every company needs.

"Starting a Travel & Technology company right before COVID was not ideal; however, as business travel starts to rebound, travelers are and will continue to feel the impact COVID19 had on the Travel Industry and suppliers. Our focus is to allow travelers to create a one-of-a-kind experience, a user-centric TaaS company that will be the leader and drive innovation in the travel sector to new heights. 

After spending my entire career in the Business Travel industry, in 2019, I decided to create something new and different to bring to the marketplace. The traditional travel agency business model lacked transparency, lacked innovation, and relied on antiquated technology. Thus, knowing there are a few new players, but nothing that created any value innovation.  Because of that, I wanted to make an impact on the industry and began Deal Captains as an investor-focused consulting group, providing insight to PE/VC who were looking to invest in the sector (Tech companies, GDS, travel agencies), and provided them a transparent 101 on the commercial models, supplier revenue impacts and future of the industry. 

When COVID19 hit, and everyone stopped traveling for business, travel agencies crumbed. But, big or small, it didn't matter because all revenues were lost overnight. So, with the help of several passionate colleagues and experts I knew in the industry, it was the time to set out on a new journey.” states Lisa Simpkins, DealCaptains Founder, and CEO

DealCaptains is not creating another Online Booking Tool, every travel agency has a "portal." That is a crowded field, and no one has ever gotten it right. And they’re not just another travel agency. They are making a Travel & Technology Company that builds new solutions and shares their solutions with the travel industry for all to use.

It is a trustworthy open-source platform where travelers and companies can connect the tools they are currently using today, direct airline sites, online bookings tools, new travel technology tools, and ones that connect the fragmented travel eco-system together in a seamless user experience. In addition, they are adding tools for travelers that have not been taken into consideration before. Along with that comes the data that will help companies better understand their traveler "personas," the why, what, how, and impact on the bottom-line and human capital cost of business travel.

To support the initiative, they knew that to control their destiny, they had to build a new sustainable commercial travel agency revenue model, NET of the pay-to-play model, and a new tech stack that was 100% cloud-based:

"Our commercial model is "net" of any incentives, commissions, or otherwise. We are not part of any consortia. We are negotiating our agreements with suppliers creating partnership vs. the pay-to-play non-transparent industry norms.

Our traveler persona based "DCX Travelers Pass," which allows companies to pay one monthly fee for ALL their travel booking & management needs. This provides access to our DCX Intuitive Travel Suite, including everything from Online/mobile booking tool access, unused ticket management, traveler safety, and wellness, to a high-touch experienced travel consultant anytime they need.

Our customers feel comfortable reaching out to a live travel consultant when they need them without incurring additional fees. This provides greater flexibility to integrate other technologies or apps and to scale quickly." -Lisa Simpkins

Clients will benefit from programs such as their DCX Consulting, a professional team of business travel experts that deliver a broad range of services for the modern post COVID19 world. Whether you need to start from scratch or improve your company's current travel program, DCX has experienced consultants who can guide and mentor you through what could be a tedious process into an efficient one with successful results.

Deal Captains currently has five US based customers with over 80 users, who love the user interface and the unique flat rate model, because they can budget for it. BONUS: No surprise fees… ever! In addition, they have Corporate Travel Managers and traveler advisory groups who have driven success and innovations. They are currently a bootstrapped corporation, with employee investors, 100% women-owned, 100% remote, with 12 full-time employees.

Companies interested in learning more can find DealCaptains at www.dealcaptains.com

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