Electric Vehicles Expansion in Kentucky Automotive Scene

2021-01-19 09:00:00 - United States, Kentucky, Berea - (PR Distribution™)

GOOD NEWS GUM / The U.S. renewable energy market is on the rise to expand its reach following a growing need for clean energy sources. This position is more so realized in Kentucky that's plans to restructure its economy Golden Compass saying electric vehicle integration in its transportation grid. The state plans to implement this by using previously established Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems America Inc. to lay out a plan that will create 200 new jobs for the state's people.

The project will utilize Hitachi twin mega-company Hitachi automotive systems Americas plant station on 1150 Mayday Road. However, the production will take some time to commence with expected production dates starting from April 2022 to March 2023. The company speculates that its employee count will reach 200 by 2023, although it expects to begin production with 20 staff members.

According to the state's governor Andy Beshear, the project has many promises for the entire state as concerned officials expect it will generate employment opportunities and help the state recover from the widely affected coronavirus pandemic. He also attests that such projects of good momentum for the state and the automotive workforce, in general, will implement more products of the same magnitude.

The partnership is a new venture with backing from both sides, including Hitachi president Shingo Nakamura who stated that the company’s growth is a good way forward for the company that has worked to establish a good working relationship with the local government and the community at large. He also prospects that the company has the potential to significantly change the lives of people around by creating job opportunities and wage generation options that improve the livelihood of close to 200 people in the community.

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