ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS announces the next-generation of Wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - Machine Health Monitoring Technology.

2021-01-25 09:00:00 - United States, - (PR Distribution™)

Hazardous Area Environments have long presented challenges for machine health monitoring sensor technology & vibration analysis. 

Following nearly a year of development and testing ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is proud to deliver the Phantom-ATEX Triaxial Accelerometer with integrated temperature monitoring. The Phantom ATEX sensor can safely be installed in hazardous areas such as Oil Refineries, Flour Mill’s, Petro-Chemical Facilities and more.

With a frequency range of 10Hz to 10kHz, 6400 lines of resolution, and a 32g dynamic range Phantom ATEX is unquestionably the best hazardous area rated accelerometer available.






Additionally further expansion within the ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS Phantom Wireless Sensor Eco-System includes the Phantom Generation 2 Triaxial Accelerometer.

Phantom Gen 2 is the new industry standard for balance of plant Machine Health Monitoring. Ease-of-use, installation and management are the key characteristics of the Phantom Gen 2 wireless machine health monitoring sensor.  

Phantom Gen 2 incorporates the same technical specifications as the Phantom Expert ATEX Accelerometers while also focusing on a simple screw-on, glue-on, turn-on approach. Users can quickly deploy Phantom Gen 2 and take 4 recordings per day and easily create wake-on-vibration event alarms that are sent to users via e-mail, push-alert to the WiSER Vibe app and by Modbus to DCS and SCADA systems.

Created with non-critical balance of plant assets in mind, Phantom Gen 2 makes wireless vibration analysis easy, affordable, and effective.


Now a user can easily and efficiently initiate a recording directly from the WiSER Vibe app via a direct peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection between the sensor and the user’s mobile device. This ability gives Phantom customers an unquestionable advantage over competitive products with a level of flexibility only available from ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS.
The best of both worlds has arrived with groundbreaking new features implemented within the Phantom Eco-System. Phantom was originally designed for online machine health monitoring limiting its recording capabilities to scheduled or triggered events. 


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“The team at ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is deeply committed to delivering the best technology and user experience. Without hesitation our team listens to our customers and delivers the product, features, and functionality the customer’s request in record time. Hazardous Areas have presented considerable machine health monitoring challenges for decades, and unparalleled safety considerations are the predominant design philosophy for the Phantom ATEX. our precision focus on the customer’s needs is what drives our business”, states Dr. Michael Howard, Chief Executive Officer of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS.

“Listening to the needs of our customers is our core development principle” states Dr. Thierry Erbessd, President & Chief Technology Officer. The Phantom Gen 2 continues our commitment to driving the cost down making Vibration Analysis affordable and easy-to-deploy without sacrificing functionality. Direct recording capability from a mobile device demonstrates our ultimate commitment to our customer and their unique needs”.



ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is a leading manufacturer of Vibration Analysis Equipment Dynamic Balancing Machines, and Precision Measurement Technology. ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS is a global organization with facilities in Mexico, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom & representatives around the world. ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS – MASTERS OF MACHINE HEALTH

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