Expo2020, IAC and International Space Week, Dubai October 2021

2021-10-01 12:00:00 - dubai, United Arab Emirates - (PR Distribution™)

Amongst the high profile names such as Musk and Bezos heading to Expo2020 and International Astronautics Conference (IAC) in Dubai this month is a face who usually stays away from the public eye. 


It seems Paul Bellamy, the driving force behind the Pacific West Group, has once again been involved in philanthropic work with virtually unknown groups struggling to gain attention in the highly competitive environment of hi-tech design and development.


Mr Bellamy is the driving force behind the Pacific West Group of business development companies which began with heavy involvement in the oil and hi-tech device and communications industries. He was instrumental in positioning companies such as Grabba Technologies, Ericson and CACT (a joint venture between CNOCC, Agip and Chevron Texaco) throughout Asia.  His portfolio of customers includes the likes of Sinopec, BP, Bansard and CSIRO. He and his siblings control a family trust group consisting of companies such as bio-tech giant VRM Biologik and the hi-tech space research and development agency SpaceTek.


This time it appears Mr Bellamy has been mentoring some citizen scientist groups who hope to break into the lucrative and exciting field of space exploration and development. Nexus Aurora (www.nexusaurora.org), an online forum devoted to the development of ideas and designs for future travel to and development of Mars, is apparently being mentored to present various papers at IAC during International Space Week in Dubai later this month.  Other sources indicate that Mr Bellamy is also mentoring a startup group Hubtropolis AG. The Hubtropolis group, involved in responsible environmental urban development initiatives, will be presenting first round funding offers in a soft opening at Burj Khalifa Dubai early November 2021.

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