Exxentric Revolutionizes the Leg Curl with New LegFlexx

2022-06-16 03:15:00 - Stockholm, Sweden - (PR Distribution™)

The LegFlexx is a new seated flywheel training device designed for leg curl exercises at a 90º angle, resulting in 55% higher hypertrophy; LegFlexx increases strength and muscle growth while allowing more versatility than a traditional leg curl machine

16 June 2022 - Exxentric, the world-leading brand of flywheel training equipment, launched today its brand new LegFlexx training device. The LegFlexx is a leg flexion machine designed for seated leg curl exercises, targeting the hamstrings. It is a flywheel exercise device that uses the inertia of flywheels to provide a high and varia09ble resistance in both concentric and eccentric movements.

Traditionally, the lying leg curl machine has allowed users to work their hamstrings at a 30º angle at the hip. This angle is not ideal, as it does not allow users to work with an elongated posterior chain, worsening their posture and making them more prone to injuries. Exxentric’s new LegFlexx is designed to leg curl at a 90º angle at the hip, which has been proven to result in 55% higher hypertrophy than a prone leg curl (using traditional weights), which translates into more muscle growth.

“Here’s how it works: the LegFlexx has a drive belt wound around the end of a shaft located under the seat. Different combinations of flywheels are mounted onto the other end of the shaft,” explains Fredrik Correa, CEO and co-founder of Exxentric. “After taking position and making personal adjustments to the LegFlexx, the user curls to accelerate the flywheel, and then resists to decelerate the flywheel as the belt winds in the other direction. The harder the user pulls, the faster the flywheel turns and the more resistance they create, so the flywheels adapt as the user gets stronger,” he continues.

The LegFlexx can be loaded with up to four flywheels of five differently sized flywheels, with inertia 0.005, 0.010, 0.025, 0.050, and 0.070 kgm2. Up to four flywheels of varying sizes can be mounted onto the LegFlexx, giving it a total range of inertia between 0.005 and 0.280 kgm2. The LegFlexx also communicates with Exxentric’s own kMeter app through a built-in sensor, automatically measuring and tracking the users’ workout sessions and facilitating sharing of data with a coach. “The principle is that you, through muscular force, accelerate and decelerate a flywheel. Exercises with high intensity and forces stimulate the muscles to increase in size and the nervous system to increase activation of the muscles. These effects combined increase strength over time,” continues Correa. “The resistance is variable and unlimited.”

Every repetition in a maximal set is maximal instead of only the last one which is the case with traditional weights. This results in more training efficiency, earlier onset of strength increase, and also hypertrophy.

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