HBC law firm: Italian authorities did not allow Katerina Bosov to sell her husband's villa

2022-07-14 12:00:00 - Lucca, Italy - (PR Distribution™)

Attempts to sell the villa without the permission of the authorities may make her stay in Europe complicated.

HBC law firm informed that Italian authorities have stopped attempts to unauthorized selling of Villa Guidiccioni in Lucca, Tuscany. The Villa was purchased in 2019 for EUR 4.5 million by the Russian coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov, who registered it on his name. He committed suicide a year later.

Dmitry Bosovs widow, Katerina, made several attempts to sell Villa Guidiccioni without transferring the ownership right after her husband’s death. However, the municipality of Lucca did not allow the deal. Moreover, suspicions arose of an intentional attempt to perform an unauthorized transaction.

In 2020, Dmitry Bosov, owner of the world's largest anthracite coal producer Sibanthracite, was found by his wife Katerina shot to death on the territory of their villa outside Moscow. He had a Glock gun in his hand. A year earlier, he had purchased from ASL the building of the former hospital Carignano, well-known as the sixteenth century Villa Guidiccioni. Following the purchase, a 10-year Villa and the surrounding park reconstruction plan was agreed with the Lucca authorities. Bosov was going to live at the Villa himself, together with his daughter. Currently, the reconstruction is placed on hold; the building is deserted.

HBC declares, that following her husband’s death, Katerina Bosov made several attempts to gain control over his business with the help of a trusted notary. But on November 25, 2020, the Odintsovo city court found these actions to be illegal (court case 2-8979/2020-8375/2020).

At the same time, the police is investigating the case of bringing the coal king to a suicide and the investigators have something to ask Katerina Bosov about. Bosov's reputation is working against her. Independent journalists wrote about Katerina's connections to a provider of elite escort services and her addiction to cocaine. It is believed that the acquaintance with her future spouse took place at a party of Russian oligarchs in Monte Carlo and was well-planned.

On June 17, 2022, the Odintsovo city court has put an end to the case of the late oligarch and denied her the right of inheritance in favor of his parents and children (court case 2-7109/2022~5584/2022).

For these reasons, HBC believes, Katerina's departure to Europe, where she is trying to move to a permanent place of residence, has no political motives. It is nothing more than a desire to avoid problems with law enforcement. At the same time, her attempts to sell the Italian Villa under an illegal scheme may prevent the anthracite widow from obtaining a European passport.

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