HOLODOCK® - You can make Holograms that levitate in the air

2021-03-09 00:00:00 - United States, Kansas, Lawrence - (PR Distribution™)

The New Holographic Display that creates levitating 3D images in the empty air between you and it.

The patented HOLODOCK® is not another one of those Holographic displays that encases a  Pepper's Ghost image trapped inside a transparent pyramid-like structure or behind a single flat transparent sheet.  In contrast, the  HOLODOCK® frees the 3D appearing vivid image to hang and move in empty aerial space approximately one foot in front of a thin background structure without the need for special viewing glasses or spinning LED sticks.  The appearance is much more reminiscent of the famous outer space sci-fi fantasy movie scene wherein a Holographic image of the beautiful princess of intergalactic heritage is projected in front of the small friendly robot.

The HOLODOCK® is a transformative image display technology that was patented in late 2017 and is now making its first public availability through a new Indiegogo campaign. This public debut of the HOLODOCK® is in the form of an uncomplicated assemble it yourself $100 kit.  However you must separately purchase or already own an Amazon Fire 7 tablet that is black in color(not the older Kindle Fire7).  The tablet is for compatible use as the 2D image source that the HOLODOCK® will project outwards as a 3D enhanced aerial perception.  Other tablets are compatible as well and those will be recommended in the future when they are fully adapted to the HOLODOCK® technology.

Own your own HOLODOCK® and marvel at the full color images that are floating directly in front of you in 3D with nothing but the thin air between you and the background surface of the HOLODOCK® display.  Since its just normal air, a person who would put their hands through the HOLODOCK® holographic image will not be injured by a LED stick spinning super fast.

The HOLODOCK® is the creation of inventor/innovator Roger Holden.  Holden created the pioneering algorithm used to execute the camera motions seen in the vast majority of Reading Rainbow's feature books for the series' first 5 seasons.  In addition a previous Holographic display co-invention of Holden's was showcased in the 2005 Discovery Channel's special series, The Science of Star Wars.  Holden also collaborated with the late great Toho Studios icon Yoshimitsu Banno and served as a Co-Producer in Banno's historic proposed IMAX film project, Godzilla 3D to the Max.

Some key-points regarding the HOLODOCK®:

The HOLODOCK® offered in this campaign is a personal Holographic display.  An observer who comfortably positions themself in front of the display in proper alignment will experience the floating aerial Holographic imagery.

With the HOLODOCK® you may display full color 3D models seemingly to levitate in the air in front of you.

With the HOLODOCK® you will be able to adapt many of your 2D videos/photos for subsequent Holographic 3D enhanced aerial image projection.  This will be achieved with the provided HOLODOCK® video editing routines/tutorials.  The routines are developed specifically for use with the free open source video editor Shotcut.

With the HOLODOCK® you have another option than to create a Holographic AI Puppet to represent your feelings for a departed loved one.  Instead you can prepare existing video footage and photos of your loved one for subsequent HOLODOCK® Holographic aerial image projection.  Thus you may reminisce closer as to how they actually were in life.

For further information on the HOLODOCK® and for naked eye stereoscopic photos and videos that demonstrate its projecting aerial performance, visit the following links:

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