Inspirational Small Company Brings All 8 USFL Teams to Life With Mascot Expertise

2022-07-15 11:00:00 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - (PR Distribution™)

Toronto, ON: The United States Football League (USFL) has fans around the world absolutely buzzing. After recently completing a thrilling Championship Game, fans universally agree that one of the highlights of the USFL 2022 season is the team mascots. 

When the USFL kicked off the season on April 16, the teams revealed their mascots to the fans; immediately the mascots went viral, and the fans went wild. This is the story of the small mascot company behind all 8 USFL mascots.

Loonie Times is a custom mascot design company based in Toronto. Earlier in 2022, they bagged a deal to be the exclusive mascot designer and manufacturer for all 8 USFL teams. For a small-scale company, this is an inspirational testament of their past work and promise. 

“Collaborating with Loonie Times to bring our eight mascots to life for the new USFL was a great experience,” said Nancy MacDonald, USFL Vice President of Marketing. “Throughout the process, Loonie Times listened to our feedback, ideas and goals which resulted in unique and fun characters that elevated every game day experience for our fans. The immediate public acceptance of all eight mascots is a testament to Loonie Times attention to detail and passion for creating unique mascots.” 

Asif Saherwala, the President of Loonie Times mentioned, “When we got the USFL deal, I gathered my entire team and told them we had 2 months to do 8 mascots for one of the brand-new football leagues in the USA. Since that day, each one of them has done phenomenal work and we were able to design, manufacture and deliver 8 mascots in just 45 days.” Mr. Saherwala also stated how multiple rounds of brainstorming and ideation were crucial to get each character’s look right.

“What went on behind the scenes all paid off when the USFL teams revealed their mascots to the fans, and they all went viral on twitter. I remember the whole team shared each mascot reveal with the office and it was a thing of immense pride for the entire Loonie Times team,” added Mr. Saherwala.

Note for the editor: In case you want to schedule an interview for more details about the story please send a mail to marketing@loonietimes.com.

About the company:

Loonie Times Custom Mascot. brings over 20 years of creative excellence to every costume design. Our mascots bring brands to life! We create excitement, fun and everlasting smiles, and not to forget the photo opportunity with the Mascot! Think about Tony the Tiger, M&M’s, Clifford the Big Red dog, etc. We develop public face image for various corporations and organizations who benefit from the many rewards associated with characters and custom mascots. Our clientele includes Mars, The Home Depot, Kraft Foods, Metrolinx, Kellogg’s, etc. We have a small but highly creative team of brilliant artisans with big ideas with a can-do attitude finishing off with fun as the extra topping!

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