Mark National Dog Day with an Alpha Harness Reins’ Competition

2021-08-25 09:00:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

Alpha Harness Reins has pledged $1,750 in Friendship Grants to buyers of their new no-shock training leash in a competition to mark National Dog Day on August 26.

Alpha Harness has announced plans to give two grants - $1,000 and $750 - for every 500 videos submitted to the company from owners showing their newly ordered harness in action.

Each submitted video of a duo – owner and pet dog – must show voice prompts like left, right, stop, walk, sit, jog, run along with their new Alpha Harness and with a single leash. This is to show the difference in a dog’s comprehension with and without the Alpha Harness Reins. If the duo has any other additions, it will increase their chances of winning.

With around 75 million dogs in the United States – and National Dog Day on the horizon - now’s a good time to pre-order an Alpha Harness Rein to be in with a chance to win a grant.

The training leashes are compatible with No-Pull Dog-Harnesses that work well with average dog collar width harnesses. The width of the dog’s harness straps should not exceed 4.5 cm. 

The training leashes will allow the dog owner to issue commands, depending on the tricks that the dog owner wants to teach. The good thing about using these leashes is that it does not require treats or shock collars which can have negative effects on the dog.

The leashes’ simple design require the dog owner to speak commands and guide the dog with the leashes to help reinforce the meaning of each command. Children and adults can use these leashes to make their playtime with the family dog better. 

The leashes have a pre-order price of $24.49 + $7.95 USPS. It will go for around $32.50 for USA Residents. For international buyers, shipping charges will apply. The regular price will be $34.99.

To see how the product works, watch the YouTube video.


To place an order, click: Buy Alpha Harness. You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Retail Outlets interested in carrying the Alpha Harness Reins visit: https://alphaharness.com/biz2biz.html

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