Minister and Army Captain Unlawfully Put In Jail By School District While Board Members And Superintendent Continue Coverup Tonight

2021-10-21 12:00:00 - Round Rock, Texas, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The AG Is Grilled By Congress Regarding He and the National School Board Association’s Equating Parents To Domestic Terrorists.  What if the real problem is errant school boards?


[October 21, 2021] - Residents of Round Rock, TX, an Austin suburb, are calling for the resignation of 5 school board district Trustees and the Superintendent after they influenced an unprecedented and calculated arrest of 2 parents, in an attempt to silence the community they are sworn to serve.  Meanwhile the Biden administration and National School Board Association work together to call parents domestic terrorists and envoke the Patriot Act against them.  In response, 17 state school board associations have either distanced themselves from the NSBA or stopped paying dues entirely.


Several National Commentators have discovered the story.  Glenn Beck and Erick Metaxas did recent interviews with Jeremy Story as well as statewide shows in Texas like the Chad Prather show.  Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture Comissioner, and other state officials including Gubernatorial candidates have spoken in support of these two parents.  Various parent coalitions and statewide organizations have joined together to hold a press conference at 4:30pm outside, Round Rock High School, the school where the board meeting will be held today.


The simultaneous arrests were due to two separate incidents. On September 14th, Dustin Clark, a veteran Army Captain and father, participated in the meeting by telling the board it was illegal for them to pass an unlawful tax increase while locking parents out of the board meeting using district police.  


Jeremy Story, a minister and father of 7 kids, had been exposing credible evidence showing the Superintendent, Hafedh Azaiez, assaulted his mistress with threat to abort his own child in order to cover up their affair.  The mistress came to the board for help prior to the assault.  Only 2 board members out of 7 attempted to help her.  He uncovered how some board members' actions precipitated the assault because instead of helping the woman, they informed the Superintendent.


On August 16th, Story was literally pulled off the stand by police officers under orders from Board President Weir and the Superintendent during his lawfully allowed public comments period in the middle of the speech just as he mentioned the first few words about Weir’s involvement in the scandal.


Today, Oct 21, the same school board is planning to use police to artificially limit seating for the board meeting and block parents out of the board meeting.  The new Superintendent, Hafedh Azaiez, who has a history of using the police to silence opposition told families, “Round Rock ISD Police will maintain order,” when asked if he again intends to artificially limit in person attendance and what he plans to do when or if his sudden new policy is violated.


In spite of this policy the board will not be able to discuss the issue tonight.  Repeated requests to put a discussion on the agenda of this sudden new policy restricting parent access and use of police force have been submitted by Board Trustees, Mary Bone and Danielle Weston.  Community members believe these requests are being denied by board President, Amy Weir, in an effort to cover her misdeeds.  Ms. Weir stated, “A trustee may request an item be put on the agenda, but a trustee can not put any item on the agenda they wish.  I am officially denying this agenda request.”


One day after the district claims they received Story’s formal legal grievance, the two men were suddenly arrested in what appeared as a retaliatory strike.  The arrests of the two fathers took place simultaneously at each of their homes the night of September 17th, around 5 pm CT. Both were charged with ‘disorderly conduct with intent to disrupt a meeting’ and held in jail overnight.  This occurred despite outrage from the community that resulted in protests all night outside of the jail, and a standing policy at the Williamson County Jail that no one is being jailed for this type of offense due to Covid-19 precautions.  A special exception was made to seemingly target these men.


The community is asking Superintendent, Dr. Hafedh Azaeiz, and School Board President, Amy Weir, to step down based on violations of the Texas Open Meetings Act and in response to open allegations that interfere with their ability to serve effectively.

Dr. Azaeiz was fast-tracked into his appointment on June 14th of this year in spite of community calls for further vetting. Concerns were raised based on his past record.  One concern surrounded his leveraging Donna ISD police, where he was formerly Superintendent, to issue a 2-year-long restraining order without any court hearing against an outspoken concerned grandparent.


Board President Amy Weir is accused of violating the Texas Open Meetings Act, engaging in restricted behind the scenes collaboration with other board members, preventing community members from speaking during board meetings and denying knowledge of the protective order for family violence against Dr. Azaeiz.  After Mr. Story began inquiring, Ms. Weir and the Superintendent began artificially limiting in person board attendance by leaving only 18 seats in a room that has a capacity of 375.  She threatened and then had community members removed who had brought their own chairs to the meeting.  She also threatened to separate parents from their children.  


Two board members, Mary Bone and Danielle Weston, walked out of the meeting over Texas Open Meetings Act Concerns.  Afterwards the remaining board members promptly passed a tax increase and issued a statement claiming they couldn’t do business because of the public disturbing the meeting.  The other five board members have since attempted to pass a censure resolution to ban these two board members from coming on any campus.  Bone and Weston have filed suit against these board members who are now being called, “the bad faith five.”


Jeremy Story reports, “We are simply trying to exercise our free speech rights. Several renegade board members are working overtime to silence any opposition and hide their own malfeasance.  They have resorted to gestapo style tactics virtually unseen before in Texas school board history.  This isn’t just about Dustin and me.  It is about everyone.  If they can come for us and get away with it, school boards nationwide will be emboldened to come for you.  Peacefully speaking isn’t a crime in America.”  


Calls for intervention from the Texas Rangers, Sheriff, Round Rock Police Department, City Council and County Commissioners have largely been ignored or shuffled around because the school district police claim jurisdiction over school campuses.


The school district has since used the local major media outlets, and emails to parents, to spin a story that parents were there to disrupt the meeting because they were going to vote to extend a mask mandate,”  observed Dustin Clark, “That is NOT the truth, and I was not there to talk about masks. They were unlawfully preventing citizens from entering an open public meeting and unlawfully voting in a tax increase.” 


A Texas Education Agency Monitor was installed at RRISD in September 2021 in response to a complaint filed in 2019. An investigator required the development of a corrective action plan; additional complaints are currently under review regarding misconduct by Superintendent Azaiez and some board members.  In addition, police in a neighboring county are investigating Azaiez for the assault and other offenses.  


Over 3000 students have fled the district resulting in a 30 million dollar deficit.  The district also has an ‘F’ state financial rating and faces a lawsuit from members of the public for unlawfully increasing taxes and a lawsuit from the Texas Attorney General for thwarting the Governor by implementing a mask mandate.


  • -Download all files at https://www.mediafire.com/folder/93v0aedr2uwim/News
  • -Email exchanges/records of board members denying knowledge or refusing to take action
  • -Protective Order With Evidence
  • -Photos of district police blocking doors to boardroom and board artificially limiting seating access
  • -Other documents can be provided if needed


  • Videos
  • -Jeremy Story removed unlawfully
  • -Dustin Clark removed while participating in the meeting by advising the board against the unlawful tax increase action
  • -Superintendent’s surprise appearance at the meeting where he was voted on to be hired



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