Olga Willemsen reveals a new framework to overcome anxiety through hypnotherapy

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Private hypnotherapy practice New Empowered You adopted a simple approach to treating anxiety and phobias among their clients. Olga Willemsen, hypnotherapist and founder of the practice discloses that the framework makes the recovery process faster for her clients.

The New Empowered You practice shares patient successes with a new transformational hypnotherapy framework. 1-on-1 hypnotherapy sessions followed by coaching sessions conveyed within one month are proven extremely effective. Multiple rapid recovery cases of clients who were suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, eating disorders like orthorexia, weight gain, and other conditions attest to the potency of the framework. 

"In just one session, I was able to release 10 pounds in a month, and my habits, sense of confidence and feelings towards myself and my body did a complete 360," said Ashley, one of Olga's clients, "To say my life is completely changed is an understatement."

Olga Willemsen's framework combines hypnotherapy with coaching in a series of sessions that take place within one month. The framework has helped countless clients achieve breakthroughs in their treatment in record time and create lasting changes in their behavior and mental attitude. New Empowered You provides every patient with easy-to-follow guidelines for managing their neurobiology by doing simple exercises. Olga shares many of such techniques in her blog, her YouTube channel, and on other social media platforms.

"Among many clients, permanent behavioral changes are noticeable directly after the first session," Olga confesses, "Some clients suffer for decades and it only takes one session to alleviate this suffering. This is what occurs to clients I work with". 

According to Olga, applications of hypnotherapy are almost limitless. Although hypnotherapy cannot replace medical practices, it successfully accompanies the medicine. Hypnotherapy is often applied in cases of concussion, cancer treatment, and pain management to enhance the effects of other treatment methods. Various studies report faster bone healing after fractures and injuries when hypnotherapy is combined with medicine. The only known limitation of hypnotherapy is when the subject is too young to understand speech. In this case, the treatment will not be effective.  

Most common misconceptions about hypnotherapy

When asked what the most common misconceptions about hypnotherapy are among clients, Olga Willemsen says, "well, usually there are two things I see almost daily. The first is that clients fear that they won't be able to control themselves while they are in a state of hypnotic trance. Having seen how stage hypnosis is done on television shows, many people are afraid that the practitioner will make them do things that they don't want or take advantage of them. The second is the fear of being unconscious and not being able to remember what happened during the session. Anyone who has experienced hypnotherapy will attest that nothing is further from the truth. The hypnotic state is the opposite of the unconscious. It is a state of high alertness and focus, where you always remain in control."

The simple solution to social anxiety

New Empowered You has helped clients suffering from social anxiety disorder successfully overcome it. Social anxiety is known as the persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. This common condition affects multiple spheres of a person's life negatively. Transformational Hypnotherapy is exceptionally effective in treating anxiety because it addresses the root cause of the issue - negative beliefs. The framework allows replacing old limiting beliefs and emotional pain associated with them with new empowering beliefs. These new beliefs interrupt the pattern of negative thinking and facilitate positive thoughts. In their turn, positive thoughts stimulate new desired behavior. These mental health improvements become permanent thanks to the brain rewiring and building new neural pathways. 

The explanation of the brain rewiring process

According to neuroscience, changes in thinking and behavior are possible due to neural plasticity - the ability of the brain to adapt and change. Neural pathways support habitual behavior. Alterations in thinking and behavior occur due to changes in beliefs. Repeated changes weaken the old neural pathways and prompt the creation of new ones. Contrary to what the masses believe, hypnosis is an alert and focused state of mind that enhances neuroplasticity significantly. 

Olga Willemsen applies hypnotherapy as the principal tool to induce breakthrough changes. Over the years, Olga witnessed that techniques such as the practice of gratitude help her clients maintain positive changes and improve their lives even further.


New Empowered You applies the hypnotherapy framework to help facilitate rapid positive change. Along with practical tips on how to improve your mental health and reduce anxiety on their homepage, anyone can book a free online discovery call with Olga Willemsen to start getting help immediately.

About Olga Willemsen, Ph.D.

Olga Willemsen is a certified hypnotherapist, RTT therapist, and transformational coach based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Certified in neo-Ericksonian hypnosis from the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy, Olga Willemsen combines her knowledge of neuroscience, psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in her practice. Mrs. Willemsen is also a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, which brings together multidisciplinary methodologies of holistic practitioners with a common goal to empower humanity. In Olga Willemsen's practice, hypnotherapy and coaching sessions are multilingual and available in English, German, Russian and Dutch. Hypnotherapy practice New Empowered You helps clients alleviate the stress associated with various forms of anxiety, panic attacks, burnout, depression, sleep disorders, trauma, lack of confidence, self-sabotage, and many other conditions. Olga Willemsen is available for interview upon request.

For more information about Olga Willemsen and her practice, visit www.new-empowered-you.com and https://www.facebook.com/WillemsenOlga.


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