Phoenix App Developer Fyresite Ranks Top 20 for Global Business Growth Award

2021-06-30 09:00:00 - Phoenix AZ - (PR Distribution™)

In its first year entering the Sun Devil 100 business growth awards, local app developer Fyresite ranked nineteenth among global businesses across dozens of industries: the highest of any app development company in the competition.

Fyresite is a small, Phoenix-based website and app development agency co-founded by CEO Jason Turnquist and COO Sean Elstins.

The Sun Devil 100 is an annual award presented by the ASU Alumni Association in partnership with financial advisor Henry+Horne. The award recognizes the 100 fastest growing alumni-led companies worldwide across more than two dozen industries.

Eligible ASU graduates must own or lead a fast-growing company with revenue above $250,000 for over three years. Most importantly, business practices must embody the ASU charter, with an emphasis on inclusion, public good, and responsible community contribution.

Jason Turnquist was recognized for his commitment to the charter and fast, yet steady growth of Fyresite. The company, which was founded in a dorm room, steadily expanded into a nationally recognized technology company. 

In addition to fast-paced growth, Fyresite’s small, lean, and agile team embodied the charter to an extent that warranted this award.

Honorees were recognized in a ceremony and ranked in terms of fast growth and innovation. Each honoree received an award for their accomplishment and was admitted into a class of hundreds of other global business leaders.

For more information, please refer to the contact information below

Contact Name: Jason Turnquist, Co-Founder and CEO

Email: Jason@Fyresite.com

Phone: (844) 752-0888



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