Private detective shares surveillance secrets behind the gated communities!

2021-09-18 12:00:00 - United States - (PR Distribution™)

The phone rings at Empire Investigations LLC as it does on any other day. The woman at the other end of this particular call was obviously very frustrated and angry. After taking some time to ask targeted questions and to reassure her of our capabilities, we dete0.rmined the cause of her emotional state. 


She had hired several investigators to follow her husband whom she suspected was cheating. Three previous investigative firms were discovered by local police within the first few days while attempting surveillance by using antiquated methods and technologies. The woman shared that binoculars were used in plain sight as well as dash cams. Additionally, surveillance vehicles used were considered “out of place” in her upscale community filled with luxury vehicles. 


Most of our high-profile clients are dealing with confidential information, business and personal. Every precaution is taken while the investigations are taking place. To protect the client’s assets, the investigators gather vital information while avoiding suspicion to conceal the client’s identity.


The woman lived in an affluent condominium community. Because of the high- profile nature of this case, strategic protocols would be put into place to match the surroundings. Cutting edge technologies would be a necessity. A highly trained and professional team of investigators would be a must. 


The day following the phone call from the frantic wife we were on a plane to Florida. We had determined that what was required for this case was a fresh set of eyes and a new team of investigators that would blend seamlessly into the atmosphere of one of the most affluent communities in Florida. The first item on the agenda was to scope out the area for possible hiding spots, back exits, and escape routes while remaining discrete.


We posted our investigators outside the gated community where the suspect lived in the winter months as a snow bird from Pittsburgh.  The team was positioned to observe any movement down the street. They utilized many different cars and were scattered in nearby restaurants and golf clubs. Because there weren’t many places to hide, the team hid in plain sight. They were disguised as tourists which allowed them to hone in on places of interest, giving attention to details to keep a close eye on the subject.


The agents used for this high-level case were a mixture of all ages, genders and social statuses. All were dressed to blend in and not draw unwanted attention. This allowed our team to capture video footage from hidden cameras in Gucci purses and from cameras wired to the rear view mirrors of exotic cars. The target was photographed in the airport and at local restaurants. At the end of case he was observed entering a private golf club long after business hours with another car close behind.


Thinking outside the box, the case was closed using a female agent dressed in a bikini on the beach which allowed her to easily watch the target and to accurately deploy agents to stay with him. 


We compiled all the gathered information as well as surveillance pictures and video footage. We then presented all of our findings to the client who was extremely pleased at the efforts of the world class investigative team from Empire Investigations LLC. 







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