Rebecca Zamolo Holiday Special Doesn’t Go As Planned!

2021-12-25 12:00:00 - United States, California, Beverly Hills - (PR Distribution™)

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 25th, 2021 - Rebecca Zamolo puts on her annual holiday special for Christmas but not everything goes as planned.  First she can’t find her best friend Maddie who is still missing.  Rebecca and her husband play holiday challenges with Daniel the cameraman until they hear from Maddie.  She is going to meet them at the warehouse to perform the songs for the Zamfam.  Once there she is still missing so Rebecca performs with the boys only.  However something else is afoot.  Do you think Rebecca is safe as the Candy Queen now knows she is at the warehouse? Tune in to find out what happens.  -https://youtu.be/wci4rTPIH2A

For the engaged young and curious YouTube viewer, Rebecca’s interactive storytelling becomes infective – compelling her young fans to help Rebecca and her team of spy hacker sleuths to solve the mysteries and puzzles in her videos. She involves the audience by integrating clues into video comments, her website and throughout the videos themselves. It is for these reasons, she has earned the title of “Gamemaster”. 

Head on to https://youtu.be/wci4rTPIH2A  to watch. 






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