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Have you ever noticed that when you type a question in Google, one of the first results you get is an answer on Reddit? This happens because Reddit is a huge site where users discuss almost every topic imaginable. From broad topics like politics to niches like eyebrow trimming, almost every single topic you can think of is covered on this site. There is a reason its motto is “Dive into anything”.


Originally called “The Front Page of the Internet”, Reddit took the world by storm in 2006. Since then it has become one of the most visited websites in the world. Currently, it’s the 7th most visited site in the US. 

Reddit Communities

Communities on Reddit are called subreddits. These are the lifeblood of the site where users come together to discuss, share and laugh about different topics. 

Subreddits are created by, moderated by, and used by everyday people. They are not administered by Reddit itself. This leads to a lot of creativity as well as controversy. 

For example, a group of Marvel movie lovers operate, create content, and have discussions on r/MarvelStudios. Citizens in Los Angeles can discuss their frustrations with the traffic on r/LosAngeles. Kanye West fans can voice their opinions on his new music on r/Kanye. Dog owners can show off their pets on r/PuppySmiles. You get the point by now.

Sports fans also love this site. From the NFL to horse racing, you can find hundreds of subreddits dedicated to sports

But you don’t have to participate in subreddits to enjoy Reddit. The site’s most “upvoted” posts are put on the front page.

The news is oftentimes trending on the front page. This results in a lot of political or moral discussion in the comments. 

Reddit has also become known for its “Ask Me Anything” discussions. Important or knowledgeable figures can answer any questions that the general public might have. Some people who’ve done an AMA are Barack Obama, Bill Gates,  and a COVID-19 contact tracer.

Features of Reddit

Reddit has many features that set it apart from other social platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Firstly, there’s upvoting and downvoting. The community can publicly voice their opinion at the press of a button. Like something? Upvote it and boost its relevancy. Don’t like what you’re seeing? Hit the downvote button and decrease the chances of that post getting onto trending.

Secondly, there are threads. These discussions can have anything and everything. From a funny comment to a harsh argument. Fortunately, most of these threads are light-hearted and positive. And likewise, with the posts themselves, users can publicly upvote or downvote comments.

Much like the rest of the internet, Reddit can provide anonymity to its users. Users don’t even need to upload a profile picture and cater their account like how Facebook or Instagram users do.

Is Reddit Worth It?

So, should you make a Reddit account? Judging by its status as the 7th most popular site on the web and the many benefits it can offer users—yes

You can get a daily recap of world news and any news related to your interests. Used responsibly, Reddit can be a great resource for discussion, entertainment, and education.

Plus, business owners can interact with their audience or do free market research on the site.

While Reddit has been involved in its fair share of controversies, it is nowhere near as dangerous as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Reddit can be another great resource for self-development and care.

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