Revolutionary 73W Charging PowerStrip To Electrify Market

2021-04-07 21:00:00 - New York - (PR Distribution™)

April 7, 2021 – An IndieGoGo crowdfunding project is to launch for the world’s first smart charger that boosts all types of electronic consumables. 

The 73w GaN Pro Charging PowerStrip is set to completely transform the charging device market for laptops, smartphones and iPad, with higher speed and less effort. The crowdfunding campaign launches End of April, 2021. 

Innfact is the company behind the innovation, which is equipped with Gallium Nitride (GaN) silicon technology. The material offers higher breakdown strength, faster switching speeds, higher thermal conductivity and lower on-resistance.

The flame retardant power strip has a basic AC plug that goes into the wall, and three standard AC outlets of 1650 W, one USB-A and two USB-C slots, for up to 65w of power charging. It is made of fire-resistant polycarbonate plastic and N9S OFC cooper, which features low electric impedance.

It is also equipped with an overload protection system which will cut off voltage automatically when there is an excess electric current. Designed and built in Taiwan, the strip has passed multiple international safety certifications.

The 73w GaN charger optimizes the charging experience for all consumer electronic products, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, smart pad, or other devices. As charging plays a massive role in people’s lives, the power strip makes the activity effortless and seamless, and reduces any fear of a device dying on you.

As part of the IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, the power strip comes in four colours: black, white, gray and army green.

The product has already caused enormous interest in Asia, having raised over USD $200,000 on Taiwan’s crowdfunding platform, ZecZec.

User experience is the starting point of Innfact from marketing to post-sale customer services and central to its R&D process. 

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