ROM Technologies: A Company That Develops Medical Devices Shares Their Backstory

2022-09-26 15:00:00 - Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States - (PR Distribution™)

ROM Technologies, the company that made the patented PortableConnect, has more about the company's backstory on their website to give people more insight into its eventual launch. The company has received inquiries regarding its start, as many want to learn about how a company makes such a big splash with a futuristic device meant to reimagine rehabilitation.

Their headline device, the PortableConnect, is receiving positive reviews from doctors and patients giving it a try for the first time. It’s a compact device that allows patients to take care of therapy sessions at home instead of going to a medical office. 

How it came to be started with a simple idea.

According to the company's history, they put a lot of hard work into developing rehabilitation technology that was easy to understand for patients. At the same time, it needed to provide in-depth information for doctors overseeing therapy sessions.

Another early complication for ROM Technologies involved getting all the proper patents to move forward in a growing industry. Before releasing revolutionary technology, they wanted to ensure that their hard work was protected. There’s bound to be competition, but the ROM Technologies brand new development team had something special early on.

The result is an adaptive medical tech device that helps keep patients and doctors connected without seeing each other in person. Complex diagnoses can be made entirely over the video, allowing patients to stay home and rest in other ways.

The average patient only needs to use PortableConnect for roughly one to two months. The rehab sessions aim to require multiple daily uses at a low setting. Through research early on with the company, their team of experts found it more effective to have a lot of lighter movements instead of periodic heavy movements.

Previous devices offered somewhat remote solutions, but none came with the telemedicine technology built into the device to communicate with doctors at any time. There’s a future where doctors can completely dedicate their day to a setup like this. 

All day, they do virtual consultations and provide insight on what a person needs to do to work on their rehabilitation. It makes the job easier for doctors, and patients can take care of everything from the comfort of their homes.

To learn more about the company, visit its website at romtech.com. A wealth of information is available online to learn more about what they offer and who currently works for the company as part of the management team.

About ROM Technologies


ROM Technologies is the company behind the medical device PortableConnect. They’ve developed a telemedicine solution striving to improve patient outcomes, cut the cost of care, and change postoperative orthopedic care forever in the industry. 

Based out of Brookfield, Connecticut, they continue to become available through local doctors around the United States. Patients interested in trying PortableConnect must rely on a prescription from their doctor.

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