Royal Holiday Vacation Club Starts Safe Guest Program

2021-12-23 12:00:00 - Mexico City, Mexico - (PR Distribution™)

Royal Holiday Vacation Club is happy to open the doors to guests at their locations worldwide. While many people are excited to start traveling again, they are still worried about their health and safety when they visit resorts. This is why each of their locations uses the Safe Guest Program. 


The safety of each guest at the resort is important to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. Now, more than ever, the staff realizes why safe travels are essential. They are putting in extra precautions to ensure the resort goes above what's expected of them to create a safe experience for all travelers.


While every guest will have to provide a negative COVID test before entering a location, they know that isn't enough to seal the deal for many customers. That is why the Royal Holiday Vacation Club wants more travelers to know about the Safe Guest Program before booking their next trip.


What is the Safe Guest Program?


Royal Holiday Vacation Club has very high standards for safety protocol. With the Safe Guest program, every guest can still enjoy their stay while knowing they are safe. The Safe Gust program is the vacation club's guarantee that the staff follows exact hygiene procedures and cleanliness protocols.


This allows guests to use the resort's common areas without worrying about when it was last sanitized. Staff at the resort have strict checklists to ensure every surface from the flooring to the ceiling gets thoroughly sanitized. 


Guests will also notice hand sanitizer stations in every common area of the resort. With so many changes in effect, more people feel comfortable booking a stay with Royal Holiday Vacation Club.


Guests can still have fun at Royal Holiday Vacation Club


Safe travels don't have to be boring. There are still a lot of activities and entertainment taking place at the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. All guests who travel to this resort will need to wear masks in common areas. This is for the safety of every guest and staff member on sight. 


Guests will also notice changes around the resort to accommodate their safety. Royal Holiday Vacation Club is trying to remove items that can't be cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. Items like the menus in restaurants have been replaced with digital pads that are wiped clean after every use. These are just some of the many changes they have made. 

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