Rubies are Available on Kindda App: Time to Become Kindda Rich

2021-11-24 10:00:00 - 100D Pasir Panjang Rd, #05-03 Meissa, Singapore - (PR Distribution™)

Kindda, the app that makes it easy and fun to create short videos and photos, is here with news to help you go viral even easier.

The short video platform is enriched with a new and unique reward feature - Rubies. It's the app's internal currency to reward Kindda’s talented members. Rubies are for rewarding Kindda lovers for their activity and make them more popular. 

Rubies are already available on Kindda! There are several ways to get Rubies.

How to get Rubies: 

* Receive Rubies for daily login: every 7th and 14th day of daily login we will give you Rubies.

* Become a popular content creator to receive gifts from other users! 

* Don’t forget about daily quests! Now completing your daily quests is “Ruby-full” too: fill the daily quests’ progress bar and get Rubies for your achievements!

Kindda rewards Rubies for every action taken on the platform!

While earning and collecting Rubies one can become “Kindda rich!” 

Receiving rew?rds is always a pleasure, however, Kindda makes giving gifts just as enjoyable. While presenting Rubies to trending users your profile avatar will appear in a well-seen place on a top-ranked video as well. That will directly help you to attract more followers, level up, and become popular in the easiest way ever. Kindda appreciates good content creators for new achievements.

The short video app Kindda keeps encouraging everyone to show their Kindda talents! No matter how many followers one has, you can show your talent and get rewarded. 


Join Kindda, show your Kindda talent and become Kindda rich because Kindda believes - everyone deserves rewards for their talents! 

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