Science Branding Communications Launches New Web Site

2022-02-25 08:00:00 - Burbank, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

• Over thousands of years, humans have evolved to engage one another's minds through storytelling.

• Science Branding Communications transforms complex medical science into concise, understandable scientific stories.

• Scientific storytelling keeps audiences engaged, increasing understanding of medical science.


Founded in 2009, Science Branding Communications has produced successful scientific stories for over 60 companies, large and small, in every major therapeutic category.  The problem we solve is the lack of understanding of medical science. 


“Our vision is to create deep understanding of the advances being made in medical science.  A well-crafted scientific story does that better than conventional lecture-based approaches, and we know of no other company that does scientific storytelling better than we do.” - Edward Perper, MD, Chief Executive Officer


Through implementation of our proven MEDSTORY® methodology, we're able to leverage the excitement that might otherwise be lost by transforming complex disease and drug science into concise, smooth-flowing and beautifully visualized stories that audiences will appreciate and, more importantly, understand.   


“We are both strategic and tactical in our methodology.  We help our biotech and pharma clients articulate and visualize their pipeline science through storytelling so that their internal and external stakeholders really understand, appreciate and remember what makes important new products special.” - Bernie Coccia, President


To learn more, please visit our new web site at www.sciencebranding.com or contact Bernie at bcoccia@sciencebranding.com

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Bernie Coccia
Science Branding Communications
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