Study Reveals 3 Business Hacks That Empower Women Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Businesses

2022-07-26 12:00:00 - Gilbert, Arizona, United States

More women are running their own successful businesses than ever before, but according to a revealing new study, they are still plagued by a common problem: time management. The study, titled “3 Business Hacks,” draws on insights from 32 successful women bosses.

With metrics and compelling quotes that address real-life work issues, the study identifies three simple strategies that can help entrepreneurs save significant time – as much as four hours per workday. 

“Saving four hours a day means an extra 20 hours a week that busy executives can free up for themselves, so they can focus more on growing their business or even taking some time for friends and family,” said Jeremy Kenerson owner of DeskTeam360, and author of the study.

The three business hacks that Kenerson identified all have to do with setting boundaries and simplifying the typical overcrammed executive schedule: 

  1. Eliminate unnecessary tasks: Can’t see which tasks are unnecessary? Start by simplifying your routine. Just slow down and observe. As you focus on tasks one by one, it will become clear which can be suspended, delegated, or discarded. 
  2. Automate: It’s unnecessary and unproductive to get bogged down in repetitive tasks. Start a list of daily activities; if you find you’re doing the same task seven times, it’s time to automate. Tools like Calendly can eliminate scheduling back-and-forth; social media posts and boilerplate emails can and should be auto-generated.
  3. Delegate: Even though some executives were reluctant to manage a team, they offered this recommendation: “If a task can’t be eliminated or automated, and it isn’t central to your personal role as leader of your business…delegate it!” And for tasks that should be delegated, respondents offered tips on how to reduce stress within the management process. 

Kenerson, a successful entrepreneur himself, conceived of the study in 2022 as a way to seek information that would improve his own time management skills. His interview questions led to far-reaching conversations on lessons learned, exit strategies, ultimate goals, and more. The 41 pages of “3 Business Hacks” capture the essence of more than 330,000 hours of hard-earned wisdom from a capable, dynamic, and dedicated group of professionals

The executives in the study, drawn from 13 segment of the coaching and service industry, agreed 100% that they got into business because they wanted to help people. Yet close to 30% did not enjoy managing people. In fact, some respondents admitted that they often chose to take on too much responsibility themselves rather than have to delegate tasks and supervise other employees. Conversely, many interviewees reported that they were bogged down in busywork that “anybody could do,” over and above the vital tasks that only a leader could accomplish. 

“3 Business Hacks” underscores the fact that time management is a critical skill for any entrepreneur, affecting every aspect of a business’s ability to perform up to its potential. By scheduling their time more consciously, leaders give themselves crucial hours to invest in long-range planning and re-engage in the deep creative thinking that made them successful in the first place.

“3 Business Hacks” is available for download at no cost from the independent marketing company DeskTeam360, a leader in providing outstanding creative support so that small businesses and entrepreneurs can confidently delegate their marketing and automation tasks.

To learn more about “3 Business Hacks” or speak with DeskTeam co-founder Jeremy Kenerson, contact: https://deskteam360.com/book-call.

Download “3 Business Hacks” here: https://deskteam360.com/download-report


Contact: https://deskteam360.com/book-call

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