Tadas Burgaila: The Success of Kilo Grupe Was Encoded in Our Name

2021-12-22 12:00:00 - Vilnius, Lithuania - (PR Distribution™)

Kilo Health, founded eight years ago in Vilnius (Lithuania) as Kilo Grupe (Kilo group in English), started small by selling products locally. Now, it has become one of the leading digital health and wellness groups globally. Tadas Burgaila, the company's co-founder and CEO jokes that success was encoded years ago in the name of what was just a small startup at that time.

“We founded the company in 2013, offering meal and sports plans, and also professional dietitian and personal training consultations. We instantly conquered the local market. The next step was to think globally. Our main idea for that – create a company that can create other companies. That’s how our journey began”, says the CEO.

The team of seven people that came out of nowhere expanded to more than 500 talented team members and a strong portfolio of well-performing products. We‘ve offered solutions to 4 million customers, whilst having multiple business units that run on our platform rather independently.

“I am very pleased with the pace of the development and expansion. I’d like to think it was the name of the company – Kilo Grupe – that foreshadowed that we would create a large group of companies”, he adds smiling.

The company recently also started Co-found, an initiative designed to enable mature entrepreneurs to partner with the company and build health tech start-ups fast using the advantages of the Kilo Grupe marketing and technology platform.

“We have tons of new business ideas which are researched and tested by our R&D team. When the initial business idea passes the R&D test phase we attract great talents to help develop these ideas into successful products”, explains Tadas Burgaila. 

The co-founder becomes Kilo Grupe partner in business and is responsible for deciding on business strategy, developing and launching the product, and for building the team. Kilo Grupe offers a well paid role, support, shared knowledge and interesting challenges. This way a talented person has an opportunity to make increased revenue when successful, while the personal risks are much lower compared to building a start-up and fundraising on their own.

“It is incredible to see how many people would like to take a new challenge in their career and become co-founders. When we first announced this job opportunity on Linkedin, we received 1000+ applications in 3 weeks from all around the world. We are now wrapping up with a few finalists and hope to have a few co-founders in Vilnius, Berlin, Stockholm, and Amsterdam”, says the CEO.

Some co-founders come with their own business ideas which the company is happy to explore together. Some apply without it, which is also fine, because the company has so many ideas and is happy to share them. 

“This approach is the biggest advantage of the co-found program, because there are so many talented people out there who do not have a great business idea or they do not have enough time or funds to test the idea – and that’s where we can help”, said Burgaila.

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