THC-O Acetate: New Consumer Cannabinoid Discovered

2021-08-25 17:46:27 - Las Vegas, NV - (PR Distribution™)

THC-O is a rare, minor cannabinoid, that up until now could not be extracted or created in commercially viable quantities. However, advancements in technology have allowed this new and rare cannabinoid to finally become available to consumers.


What is THC-O Distillate?


THC-O is the acetalated version of Delta 8 THC and it is far more potent than both Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC. According to the Fresh Bros team, what makes THC-O so unique is that due to an acetyl base being attached to the THC base, the molecule itself is more stable. This leads to more interactions between the THC molecule and the cannabinoid receptors, resulting in a more potent psychoactive effect.


THC-O For Chronic Pain Relief, Sleep Disorders


According to Fresh Bros, THC-O is becoming the preferred choice for people who turn to THC for pain relief, but would prefer something stronger than delta 8 or delta 9. Additionally, users are reporting success using THC-O to relieve insomnia and help them fall asleep. It’s important to note that although there is a plethora of published studies showing the efficacy of delta 9 and delta 8 THC for alleviating certain conditions, the literature on THC-O is scarce. 


Do You Already Have THC-O Tolerance?


It’s important for would-be consumers to know that THC-O has its own tolerance. Just because you have prior experience with Delta 8 THC or Delta 9 THC, does not mean that you will have THC-O tolerance. Additionally, THC-O takes a little bit longer to kick in than other forms of THC, thus be ready to wait 30-60 minutes before ingesting more.

Why is THC-O Being Commercially Produced?


Laws regarding the production of THC products are clear. What’s not clear is THC variants like THC-O and Delta 8 THC. The regulations on THC have created market conditions where there are huge incentives to discover viable ways to commercially produce rare cannabinoids. And thus, manufacturers have been investing heavily into new extraction and creation methods. 


Many companies are looking for ways to diversify their portfolio of THC products away from the saturated markets of CBD and Delta 9. For example, two years ago, Delta 8 THC became mainstream, and now we’re starting to see new variations become mainstream as well, including THCV, CBDV, THC-O, THCP, and Delta 10.


What’s Going to Happen Next?


At the moment, companies like Fresh Bros sell THC-O acetate as a distillate. This can be used to make edibles, injected into vape carts, or used creatively to make other products such as tinctures. In the future, we can expect to see new brands form around the THC-O cannabinoid and release their line of the THC-O products.


Additionally, as new cannabinoids are discovered, we expect that consumers will opt out of delta 9 THC at an increased rate to try new products. Delta 8 THC products will continue to be popular and THC-O will be added to the roster. 


The next few years will be interesting for the hemp/cannabis space. With hemp becoming increasingly popular, and legal in more and more states, combined with the innovation of new forms of THC, there is the potential for a big boom. 

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