The Leaders in Men’s Health Unite on The Men’s Optimization Summit to Address the Biggest Health Issues Men Are Facing Today

2022-10-31 10:00:00 - Miami, Florida, United States - (PR Distribution™)

The Men’s Optimization Summit is a free on-demand virtual summit featuring 28+ of the nation’s leading physicians, professional athletes, nutrition gurus, dating coaches, and biohackers that have come together to provide men with the latest, health, anti-aging, and longevity strategies known to man.

For far too long, men have been missing out on the crucial health information they need to achieve the quality of life they deserve. That’s why GAINSWave® has come forth to sponsor a free, online, educational event with the goal of providing men across the nation with vital health information that the media is not properly addressing and insurance giants are suppressing.

The event consists over 28+ experts in their field and covers everything from regenerative medicine to the men’s testosterone pandemic and more. A few of the expert guests include Dr. Amy B. Killen, Dr. Judson Brandeis, Dr. Mark Burhenne, Dr. Ton O’Bryan, Dr. Joel Kahn and many more. The event is composed of 28+ one-on-one personal segments with an expert in their field and host, Susan Bratton. 

I dig deep with masters of the universe to find the tricks, tips, and tactics they use with their top clients to keep them young, energized, and optimized. Discover how to keep getting younger, from peptides to keto flex, heart metrics to stem cells, prostate to manhood, and the best mindset, exercise, and cellular energy strategies," shares host, Susan Bratton.

There's also a ton of things that a man should know about, but doesn't because life keeps him so busy. Grab some life-changing insights fast with this excellent video series you can watch on your own time,” shares America’s Healthy Heart Doc, Dr. Joel Kahn.

"For decades, Big Pharma and insurance giants have forced men into their sick-care model, which keeps men dependent on medications that temporarily mask the symptoms or conditions they are led to believe are normal. My goal with this summit is to simply provide as many men as possible with a direct line to the information that’s being hidden from them,” shares Mark White, GAINSWave® CEO.

The Virtual Men’s Optimization is a completely free online summit dedicated to men which will be live on November 1st, 2022. To access the event, simply visit themenssummit.com.

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