The New Face of the Long-Distance Moving Industry: College Dudes Help U Move

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The long-distance moving industry has been dominated for years by Van Lines and the big moving companies such as Two Men And A Truck. However, moving start-up College Dudes Help U Move is establishing itself as a major player in the long-distance moving market. With competitive rates and excellent customer service. The company is making everyone take notice.



College Dudes Help U Move is a long-distance moving company that was launched in 2019 by CEO Abraham Cannon and COO Hannibal Colbert. The brand was created a decade ago by CEO Abraham Cannon, who envisioned building a local and long-distance moving company that provided amazing value at an affordable price. Cannon says, "I wanted to provide customers with an excellent experience at reasonable rates, while also having fun doing it." College Dudes Help U Move has over 100 employees between its Charlotte and Raleigh locations, most of whom are recent or current college students looking for flexible hours during their school year or work/travel opportunities over the summer.


Abraham Cannon offers this advice to those considering hiring long-distance movers: make sure you know what all your belongings will be covered against as well as which ones aren’t. CEO Abraham Cannon states, “Don’t assume that your long-distance moving company will cover every little scratch or incident. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the insurance policy, and if it isn’t much, send yourself reminders throughout the process to take pictures of everything before it gets loaded up. Even better would be to get quotes from multiple long-distance movers so you can see their differences side by side.


"Also make sure that when they give you a quote for long-distance moves (or any other service) that there are no hidden fees," adds Cannon. "And finally always choose long-distance movers who have an excellent reputation," Cannon recommends using platforms like Trust Pilot to find reputable companies that have good reviews. In addition, he recommends platforms like merchant circle, yp.com, and social media (Facebook Reviews) to get an accurate representation of a companies ratings and reviews.


Other important things to know about long-distance movers include: what the long-distance moving company provides (packing supplies), insurance coverage, whether they will load your stuff onto the truck or if you need to do that yourself; how long it takes for them to pack up your home; proof of license/authority (if applicable); and if there are any hidden fees like extra mileage charges, etc. Make sure you know exactly what is included in the insurance policy, and if it isn’t much, send yourself reminders throughout the process to take pictures


The long-distance moving industry is a trillion-dollar business. In the United States alone, the industry has been estimated to be worth $12 billion annually, and due to its growth rate of 4% per year, it's projected that by 2020 this number will increase to $15 billion. Yet despite its size, there are many problems with the industry - from high prices and hidden fees to difficulty scheduling a move with a company that provides quality service at an affordable price. College Dudes Help U Move has set out on a mission to change all of this by transforming the way people think about long-distance moves. 


It's long been the choice of professionals to hire a Charlotte long distance moving company because they know that hiring movers saves time, money, and stress. However, long-distance moves are usually more complicated than local ones - there are often additional costs for packing supplies or special equipment needed for delicate items like mirrors or furniture with clawed feet. Local movers don't always service long distances properly because not all companies have trucks capable of driving long distances without causing damage to their cargo. Due to these factors, long-distance moves were previously reserved only for those who could afford them while others made do on their own by renting UHauls and other self-transportation options which can be costly in addition to being inconvenient.


College Dudes Help U Move approach to long-distance moves is different. They provide long-distance moving services to consumers who are looking for affordable options when they are ready to move. By providing long-distance moving services that include packing, loading, and delivering items safely across the country at prices that won't break your budget, College Dudes Help U Move has become one of the most trusted long-distance movers in North Carolina with plans to expand throughout the country.




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