The Season for Sunshine, Cool Breezes, and Automated Shades Has Arrived

2022-04-28 20:39:06 - Joplin, Missouri, United States - (PR Distribution™)

JOPLIN, MO (May 3, 2022) —You may not think of automated window shades as an ideal solution for the great outdoors. But believe it or not, more and more homeowners are turning to automated outdoor window shades to make maximum use of their outdoor spaces and turn backyards into beautiful private retreats.

Ryan Chacon is president of PowerShades, an industry-leading manufacturer of manual and automated window shades for residential, commercial and hospitality applications, as well as a producer of outdoor automated shades. According to Chacon, right now is the perfect time for homeowners and businesses to improve their outdoor spaces with this effective, convenient and beautiful solution.

“Over the last couple years, while people were forced to spend more time at home, they have been making more use of their outdoor spaces.” said Chacon, “We’ve also seen automated outdoor shades playing an increasing large role in transforming outdoor patios, porches, pool houses and gazebos into more private and protected destinations for relaxing and socializing. 

“Some homeowners have begun to dip their toes into the home automation world with a smart hub and automated outdoor shades. Others, who may have already made the inside of their homes smarter with connected devices like smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart automated shades, have been extending the benefits of this connectivity outside their homes’ walls with smart outdoor shades.

“Businesses, as well, particularly restaurants that have added outdoor seating to their offerings, are realizing the ways that outdoor shades can make their customers more comfortable in any weather, at any time of day.”

Some of the benefits of automated outdoor shades include:

Setting schedules to provide desired sun and shade. Automated shades can be not only be controlled from any location via a smart phone app like PowerShades’ mobile app, they can also be programmed in advance to rise and lower at set times of day or night to provide the ideal lighting and temperature for any occasion. With exterior automated shades, homeowners can maintain heating and cooling year-round and extend their outdoor season.

Ideal for any weather, including rain or wind. Automated shades can feature a zipper channel to fully screen in a room, protecting the people and items inside from the elements. With more backyard featuring televisions, sound systems, bar and fireplaces, keeping these items safe and dry is essential. Some automated outdoor shades also feature plug and play wind sensors, powered by a solar panel, that raise or lower the shades when winds increase or decrease.

Create a bug-free zone. With a zipper channel on the sides and bristle brush along the bottom, automated shades can fully enclose space and keep bugs out of the shaded area. This is particularly valuable for restaurants or anyone who wants an outdoor dining area free of annoying bees, wasps and other insects.

Privacy shades make good neighbors. While homeowners may want to show off their beautiful automated shades, they might not want their neighbors watching everything that they’re doing in their outdoor space. Privacy is a welcome benefit of automated outdoor shades, with shades available in an array of materials and opacities. In fact, 1% opacity shades are available that block most of the light and ensure maximum protection from spying eyes.

There are a number of different options for powering outdoor automated shades, with hard-wiring to an AC power source being the most popular. Automated outdoor shades are available in a range of fabrics, mount types, and with hardware options to suit every application.

PowerShades is a leading provider of customized, manual and automated window coverings for residential, commercial and hospitality applications that are easy to install, integrate, operate and maintain. Company founders Jason Turner and Ryan Chacon bring over 50 years of combined experience in furniture automation and product innovation and development to this market. PowerShades offers the industry’s first and only TruePoE automated roller shade. PowerShades offerings include indoor and outdoor window coverings with a wide range of operating methods, including AC and DC powered, RF, solar powered, and the True PoE solution. PowerShades products are sold through distributors and representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit PowerShades at www.powershades.com.

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