Trails Carolina Therapists Explain How Wilderness Therapy Can Help Teen Girls

2022-08-29 12:00:00 - Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Trail Carolina therapists recently looked closely at how wilderness therapy impacts young girls starting the program. While the program serves both boys and girls, some parents have wondered if girls see the type of results boys do. 

Highlighting the process of wilderness therapy on campus gives parents an idea of what to expect. In a video posted to the program’s Facebook page, primary therapists Amanda and Jana talk about how the wilderness therapy program benefits girls. 

Playing outside on a campus with so much to explore can be eye-opening for any child. The video talks about the challenges middle school girls face as they grow up during puberty.

Getting this chance on an outdoors campus while keeping up with education is a highlight of wilderness therapy at Trails Carolina. Graduates of the program find themselves in a better place physically, mentally, and scholastically.

Everyone a Trails Carolina hopes girls can see the benefit of disconnecting from technology and connecting with peers. They are learning skills while having an enjoyable time together, allowing girls to work on the emotional and behavioral issues that get in the way of their success.

Stepping away from traditional therapy and having time at Trails Carolina makes a huge difference. The duo believes that one of the most rewarding aspects of Trails Carolina is seeing the rapid growth of girls and boys upon arrival. 

Some think this is a therapy session they can get through with minimal effort. Once they realize all of the Trails Carolina provides, they see the value of this different approach to therapy.

Currently, Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy has three different groups for girls ranging from age 10 to 17. There’s a specific 10-13 group and a 14-17 group. Keeping age groups separate allows students to bond with others going through similar struggles at the same stage of life.

The personalization for each girl gives them more confidence to be themselves and pursue what helps them make progress.

Everything families may want to know before starting the application process is available there. 

Trails Carolina offers a wilderness therapy program located just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. The goal is to provide a unique setting for therapeutic treatment. 

Graduates have returned home with a new mindset that sets the tone for the future. Students and families benefit from the unique approach to therapy.

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