“Two Three” Film Team Raises Funds Through Abstract Art and Crowdfunding

2022-01-25 12:00:00 - INLAND EMPIRE, CA - (PR Distribution™)

The producers of the short thriller, “Two Three,” who recently completed the film, just launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to submit to film festivals, and now, are using abstract art created by the film’s director to bring awareness to their campaign. The team’s goal is to raise $10,000. The campaign ends on February 16th. 

The two abstract, Least Pennism drawings created by director, Kobina Wright, are titled, “I Know Her,” and “I Didn’t Mean to Hurt Your Feelings.” Both works contain elements of Wright’s signature symbolic abstraction, however, the works also gives a nod to lines and symbolism found of the film. Both works are 16” x 12” and are unframed. Wright has made the originals available through her own website at https://Kobina-Wright.pixpa.com. A limited number of prints are available through the “Two Three” crowdfunding campaign. The sale of both the prints and the originals will go towards covering film festival fees.

Executive producer, Kevin Saunders of KS Media; writer and director, Kobina Wright and producer, Henry Jones III of Subtle Insight Entertainment shot “Two Three,” in the summer of 2021. The film was completed in 2022. 

According to their campaign page: “We acknowledge the existence of trauma that can, and often do, negatively impact human behavior.  There are many variables that go into the life a person lives and the personality a human takes on. Some elements of our personalities are embedded into our DNA, but early stress, mental and physical suffering can leave permanent wounds. Our film addresses one type of outcome of this kind of human conditioning. It's an important message told in an unusual way.”

To visit “Two Three’s” crowdfunding campaign go to: https://igg.me/at/twothree.

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