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2020-11-05 17:00:00 - China, Shanghai, Shanghai


In the past ten years, due to the rapid development of the Internet, a large amount of information has been transferred freely. The Chinese government has also strengthened its network control year by year. This is what we often hear about the Great Firewall of the Internet. In China, the use of Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram has been severely restricted. The reason is that the Chinese government monitors the DNS-oriented network traffic. If DNS is found to be directed to these mainstream open information platforms, it will be blocked.

The current method of bypassing the shielding includes using VPN for encryption, so that the firewall cannot know the DNS destination of the traffic. Or use SSR to pretend to be the Http protocol to lead to an unshielded target. This behavior is also called Fanqiang in Chinese.


The Speed about VPN Service

Generally speaking, VPN manufacturers will continue to work hard to speed up their Internet connection speed, but this method may not be feasible in China. Due to the Great Wall of the Internet, many relatively fast VPN products are unable to use it in China. Tens of millions of Chinese people are extremely troubled by this problem. Therefore, many websites specifically test VPN speeds. The most famous websites is Wall101.


In terms of network speed, Wall101 conducts an overall assessment of seven aspects, including:

  • The time required from enabling VPN to the actual connection
  • Upload and download speed
  • Price
  • Customer Service Performance
  • Ping (Delay)
  • Software update speed
  • Fanqiang success rate

These issues are the issues that Chinese people and foreigners in China most concerned about when bypassing the firewall restrictions. The main reason why Wall101 is mentioned is that the website has a very fast update frequency for the above seven points. Compared with other websites, Wall101 updates almost every week, which gives more immediate and effective results in terms of information provision.


The Legal Issue about Using VPN in China

The frequently cited rule is :

In the "Interim Regulations on the Management of International Networking of Computer Information Networks" issued in 1996,

Article 6 "Computer information networks must use the international access channels provided by the National Public Telecommunication Network of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications for direct international networking. No unit or individual may establish or use other channels for international networking.”

Article 14: “Those who violate the provisions of Article 6, Article 8 and Article 10 of these regulations shall be ordered by the public security organ to stop networking, give a warning, and may concurrently impose a fine of less than 15,000 yuan; if there is illegal income, the illegal income shall be confiscated.”


Here I want to give you a brief explanation. This regulation was designated in 1996 and amended in 1997. It is considered to be a very long age. Moreover, this is an administrative order, not a law, and it does not go to court. If there is an objection, it is subject to administrative reconsideration.

Therefore, it is an illegal act for an individual to surpass the wall, not an illegal or criminal act. It just violated the executive order. It is an illegal act if there are other dissemination of illegal information or illegal profits.

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