Valerie Fahren Is Still Helping Singers and Actors Take Their Careers To The Next Level

2021-11-22 12:00:00 - Los Angeles, California, United States - (PR Distribution™)

Standing out today more than ever in the Entertainment Industry may seem a tough task—moving up to the next level in today’s digital and social media environment is a new challenge to up and coming Singers, Singer-Songwriters and Actors. 

With zoom meetings and live streaming becoming the thing to do to show yourself off and get interest from the other end of a screen, aspiring artists are posting everywhere looking for their lucky break. So, how exactly does one set oneself apart from the rest? 


That is where Celebrity Vocal Coach and Artist Development Specialist Valerie Fahren comes in with her unique expertise in her highly acclaimed Artist Development Program. 


As an international recording artist and Equity Lead Role performer, along with TV experience herself, Valerie has real professional experience in the music and acting industry under her belt. Starting from the young age of nineteen with her band’s original song hitting the radio, she has since recorded with the likes of Neil Diamond, Chick Corea, Edgar Winter, The Wilson Sisters, and many more. Additionally, she has starred in numerous Equity musicals and operas, and including “Fiddler on the Roof” in Burbank Civic Light Opera,  “Carmen” and “Three Penny Opera.”


For the past 27 years, Valerie Fahren has been working with A List Celebrities and up and coming Artists, and with her connections and expertise helps move young or adult singers, songwriters and actors to the next level. Whether it be getting a top agent, a record label meeting, recording an album with top Producers, or even performing in her well known and attended Industry Showcases in Hollywood, Valerie Fahren is top in her field.


Through her own personal experience with the industry, along with working with Celebrities and various up and coming artists for over 25 years, Valerie has been able to isolate certain fundamental vocal and acting techniques that apply to all styles. Not only is she able to quickly and expertly locate the exact difficulty any singer or actor is having, but she also knows exactly what technique to apply to fix it. 


Her highly sought after Artist Development program is where the magic happens. This program is intended to take singers/songwriters/actors of any level and get them fully prepared and ready for a real career in the industry. Services include vocal coaching and production, career development consulting, audition preparation, songwriting and music theory, and introductions to photographers, producers, agents, managers, and any other service one might need to make it. 


A highlight of Valerie’s Artist Development program is the Industry Showcase she holds every year. These showcases demonstrate every aspect of each client—their singing, songwriting, acting, and dancing talents. In attendance at each showcase are normally between 35-50 Record Producers, A&R/Talent Scouts, Managers, Agents, Casting Directors, and Producers which Valerie invites through her hundreds of industry connections. The icing on the cake is the panel of Record Label Representatives and top Managers, Agents that are present at each showcase. This gives performers exposure they wouldn’t get anywhere else—potentially leading to huge future career opportunities. Additionally, each panel member gives invaluable feedback on every performance which is then utilized by Valerie in future lessons to continue making each client the absolute best they can be. 


One of her current Artist Development clients, Swedha Yoggi, a 12 year old up and coming artist, has gone from singing in school plays to having top representation in the Industry and is going on lead role auditions for acting and singing roles for major TV Networks and films, and has recorded an entire original song album being released early next year.  Along with performing in front of industry professionals, working with award-winning producers, she is getting noticed and praised by Record Label Panels!

Clients have included Sabrina Bryan (Disney's 'Cheetah Girls' and ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars'), Erika Christensen (feature film actress and singer, Parenthood), Alison Sudol (lead singer of A Fine Frenzy, Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Franchise), Juliette Lewis (TV and feature film actress and lead singer of “Juliette and the Licks), Heiress to the Guinness Beer Fortune, Singer and Queen of Style Daphne Guinness and many more…


Those passionate and dedicated to really making it will want to get in touch with her to start making definite strides toward real success.  Valerie Fahren Productions, which is Valerie Fahren’s Production Company, can be found on Facebook and her website.

Or, in Valerie’s own words again: “I can only work with on artists who are passionate and also persistent about making it in the business and look at it as an actual business, not a hobby. It takes 110% commitment to achieving that goal; that’s the only attitude that will provide the best opportunity for success. I’ve had excellent results with my clients who are dedicated. Anyone is welcome to apply for this Artist Development program, but I can only devote my time and resources to a select few.”


Valerie Fahren can be contacted through her website’s CONTACT page at www.valeriefahren.com

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