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A new belt system designed to handle over 3500 parcels per hour and dispatch them to 34 destinations simultaneously.  

Liège, BE, 21 April 2022 – To accompany its spectacular growth in Liège (LGG/Belgium), ViaEurope, a leader in e-commerce logistics in Europe, has unveiled today its new fully automated sorting belt at its LGG e-Hub. This marks the company’s commitment to operating more safely and efficiently in a warehouse that has more than quadrupled in size in less than 3 years of operations, going from a humble 1.500m2 to 9.500m2 today.

LGG e-HUB new belt system can handle over 3.500 parcels per hour. Thanks to a state-of-the-art technology scanner capable of reading the barcodes on all five sides of a parcel, while weighing it, measuring it, and taking pictures, it provides ViaEurope with precious insight into the full process that can be shared with customers.  

 While many traditional warehouses are still struggling to meet the growing demand for e-commerce handling, which unlike general cargo requires continuous investments in technology, fast processes, the use of data analytics etc…, ViaEurope’s e-HUBS are specifically designed and exclusively dedicated to e-commerce. LGG is no exception.  

To further enhance operations, this warehouse is now expanding from 13 to 34 sorting options and has the ability to serve 34 destinations at once. In addition, extra automated unloading docks have been added, facilitating the unloading of loose loaded Sea, Road and Train containers over the belt, and transferring them directly into the swap body or the final trailer. Additional cameras combined with AI technology are used during the unloading process allowing us to know with precision what has been unloaded from the containers and if any goods have been damaged.  

 ViaEurope Logistics Director, Han Vergouwe explains: “By investing in a high-quality sorting system, using durable equipment which requires little maintenance, ViaEurope not only raises the standards for handling global e-commerce but also creates a flexible, easily integrated solution that increases the flow of goods, improves employee safety in physically difficult tasks and prevents human errors. We are excited to see it operating at full capacity during peak season.”

 Since the opening of the LGG e-HUB back in 2019, ViaEurope handled over 76.000 tons of e-commerce goods reaching the EU by Air, Sea, Road and Rail. The company's spectacular growth in Liege matches the striking increase in the e-commerce sector at LGG, which is now on the map of key e-commerce entry points to Europe. The recent investments made by ViaEurope in Liege confirm the company’s intention to further grow at this location, together with the local community.

 About the company

 ViaEurope is an e-logistic company based in Amsterdam. Although it has been in the business of technology and logistics for five years already, the company still operates and grows with a start-up mindset. Technology is at the core of the company strategy. ViaEurope processes more than 350 tons or over 300,000 e-commerce parcels each day. The majority of its volume comes by air, sea, rail, and road and transit via its connected warehouses or e-HUBs located at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Liege Airport in Belgium and Budapest in Hungary. For more information check out our website viaeurope.com and our Linkedin profile.  

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