VIOLET Announce Unified SmartSwitch Lite and Seed Funding Round

2022-02-01 19:45:00 - London, United Kingdom - (PR Distribution™)

VIOLET announces the UK launch of a new slimmer SmartSwitch Lite packed full of exciting features 


Launched today, the 1st of February 2022, the new SmartSwitch Lite is not only 7mm thinner than the current version, but also offers advanced connectivity and smart features.


What is SmartSwitch Lite?

SmartSwitch Lite is a touchscreen control panel that replaces a traditional square light switch providing convenient control over smart lighting and audio systems.


Features include:

  • - One device, two power supply options
  • The new device supports both 100-240 V AC and 12-30V DC which means it can either replace a traditional light switch or an existing “smart keypad” powered by extra low voltage wire
  • - Slimmer form factor, requiring a shallower electrical back box
  • This means that installation is easier and customers with smaller back boxes can now benefit from what the SmartSwitch Lite has to offer
  • - Advanced connectivity with 3rd party lighting and audio devices
  • Via WiFi, SmartSwitch Lite connects with Philips Hue & Sonos out of the box and, for advanced users, almost any other system that uses HTTP requests. This provides access to services like Home Assistant, IFTTT and many more, with more out-the-box integrations on the way.
  • - Simple standby gestures without waking the screen
  • Simply double tap the screen to play/pause audio or hold it to turn the lights on and off, all without waking it. If more control is required, a single tap wakes the screen and displays the sleek interface allowing simple scene recall and audio adjustment.


So far, VIOLET have had a string of positive reviews on Trustpilot[1] with a rating of 4.6/5.0 and one customer saying “Really impressed by the Violet smart switch. Works flawlessly with my extensive Philips Hue lighting set up and the recent software update makes this smart switch versatile. Definitely recommended and will purchase again for a few more rooms in the future”. 

Customers can find out more and order directly through the manufacturer’s website.


VIOLET Seek Seed Funding to Build the Future of Smart Home IoT

VIOLET’s new product announcement comes alongside the news that the company is seeking seed funding in order to accelerate growth and add more features and integrations in a growing $102bn market[2]. This is a great opportunity for consumers to help shape the future of smart home tech, and for private investors to looking for S/EIS investment. Professional investors can find out more on the campaign page.

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