What is Staff Augmentation Model and Why Does Your Company Need It?

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A clever recruiting strategy that firms may employ to increase productivity and efficiency is staff augmentation. According to global trends, more and more companies are using independent contractors to assist in planning and carrying out projects. Although the idea is not new, many businesses still struggle to put the ideal staff augmentation model into practice.

By contracting out the necessary skills, IT staff augmentation focuses on growing the internal workforce. Avoiding the difficulties of hiring internal personnel, particularly when specialized or high-level expertise is required, aids a company's ability to remain nimble. You will discover all the fundamentals of the staff augmentation model in this essay.

Staff Augmentation – What is it?

Staff augmentation is a form of HR outsourcing approach that enables a business to temporarily increase the number of employees on staff depending on the capabilities needed for a project. IT staff augmentation is a remote recruiting strategy that enables businesses to assemble teams of knowledgeable IT specialists to carry out specific activities and cover personnel shortages on projects in line with current business goals. In this instance, an IT partner manages the staff augmentation services and gives the remote workers legitimate employment, insurance, and tax management.

Staff Augmentation Strategy Advantages



Your outsourced crew may be redirected to maintenance work or flexed around significant new development initiatives. Without the administrative human resources hurdles that come with hiring new inside workers, it's your team to utilize however you see appropriate.

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Gives You the Ability to Control Your Important Projects

You won't need to contract out the full project to an outside firm if you use staff augmentation. You simply need to cover a few vacancies in your current crew to handle a certain project you need to complete in a certain amount of time. To complete the project, your internal personnel may collaborate with the external workforce.

Having an internal team gives you complete control over the project's execution and guarantees that the result will match your organization's quality requirements. We advise giving one of your internal employees the responsibility for quality assurance for the best outcomes.


While hiring new full-time employees specifically for a project is a possibility, it costs more money and resources for the organization to onboard and train the individual, and you may not need the extra workers after the project is through. Your business may temporarily add specialists to its team via staff augmentation, which saves money on employee benefits and salary.

Specific Model

It enables you to assemble teams with individuals who possess the exact skill sets needed for a certain project. You can be assigned a project that calls for specialized knowledge that your team currently lacks. Additionally, a project manager may determine that you won't need this skill set for any future projects.

Advice and Practices You Should Know

What is staff augmentation to a business that has never hired outside labor, and what does it imply for your current workforce? How you describe it will determine how effectively the new staff augmentation recruiting plan is accepted.

We advise you to provide your team with a comforting definition of staff augmentation. Clearly define the new staff's job and how it will affect daily operations, project reporting, a chain of command, and other things. Stress that you have no intention of reducing the number of employees you have on the company's direct payroll.

Which is the Better Option for You in the Comparison of Staff Augmentation vs. Outsourcing?


Outsourcing is preferable if your staff members struggle with technology and you lack the necessary management processes and procedures. Workflow and development procedures can be managed by your organization if it is technology-focused. Staff augmentation might be a wise decision provided you have developed procedures and management to oversee the remote workforce.

The transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is taking place as a result of the technological revolution that is now sweeping the globe. According to data from Zippia, the tech sector accounts for 35% of the global market, and Statista projects that between 2018 and 2023, the growth rate of innovative technology will be 104%. Therefore, there may be a wonderful possibility for you to use this model.


Organizations may increase the capability of an internal team by adding staff. Without having to hire full-time workers, it lets them cover skill shortages. The optimum use for this paradigm is a short-term need.

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