24-7 Press Release Review

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24-7 Press Release is one of the hundreds of available options out there for press release distribution. But is it worth it? We decided to investigate to find out.

This company boasts an impressive distribution list for affordable prices. They offer a variety of pricing options, ranging from their free trial to their top-tier “Mass Media Visibility” package.

The idea of getting free press release distribution services may tantalize some into signing up for their free trial offer. But be warned: this free trial may just be a huge waste of your time. They are very honest about the fact that they do not distribute these free press releases. And unlike most other free services, 24-7 does not even guarantee that they will host your press release on their website. They only approve a limited number of press releases for hosting. So what does that mean? You create a press release that no one ever sees. You might as well just write your press release in your own spiral bound notebook.

If you want to get any kind of results, you can upgrade to their lowest pricing tier. For $69, your press release can get distributed to about 50 media sites, as well as search engines.

The most popular option is the $89 PR Network Plus package, which distributes to about 100 media sites and allows you to upload a YouTube or Vimeo video.

That sounds pretty great. But $89 is a lot more than free.

What if you could get all these services for even less?

Press Release Jet offers a premium press release distribution package for just $129. For this price, we will distribute to over 375 media sites, including all the top-tier news platforms as well as Bing, Google, and Yahoo News. Embedded audio or video links can be included at no extra charge.

You would have to upgrade to the $139 or even the $389 package for the same perks with 24/7 Press Release.

So don’t waste time on press release distribution companies that try to lure you in with free service but really don’t give you anything.

Send out your next press release with Press Release Jet.

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