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Book Press Release ExamplesCongratulations on publishing your new book!

Whether or not this is your first published work, writing and publishing a book is something to be proud of.

Now maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to get people to buy it.

How are you going to get the word out to your target audience and convince them that your new book is exactly what they need?

This is where a great book press release comes in.

Even if you’re a great writer, the idea of creating and sending out a book press release can seem intimidating. Reporters only have time to read a very small percentage of the thousands of press releases issued every day. To get noticed, a press release has to really stand out.

To help you tackle this task, we’d like to offer a few examples of effective book press releases.

First of all, you need a headline that gets the reader’s attention.  Keep it short and engaging.  Your headline needs to get a clear message across in as few words as possible.  For example, the headline here conveys the main point in a short, attention-grabbing way by making use of the newsworthy angle of age discrimination in the workplace to make people want to read more.

Your first paragraph is also important and needs to keep the reader’s attention. Keep it focused on newsworthy and relevant facts.  It helps to use the 5 w’s and h (who, what, where, when, why, how) to remind you of the purpose of each sentence in your book press release. This release shows how to do that effectively.

  • Who:  INDE
  • What:  a digital resurrection of William Shakespeare
  • Where:  London
  • When: 4/7/16
  • Why:  to mark the 400th anniversary of his death.
  • How: using Augmented Reality technology

This information is straightforward and concise, and makes the reader want to know more.

In the remaining text of your book press release, you can expand on the information in the first paragraph with factual information and quotes. It’s a great idea to add any quotes from reviewers, or perhaps even a book trailer. You could also go into more detail about what the book is about, as well as information about the publishing company. The price of your book might also be a good thing to mention. The book press release here is a great example of how to effectively include this information.

Your concluding paragraph is the place for a call to action, giving accurate information as to where your audience can go if they want to buy your book. This is also a good place for a short “About the Author” section, describing some of your accomplishments. Here is a good example of a book press release which accomplishes these things effectively.

A good book press release is a great marketing tool which can help you get the word out about your new book to your potential readers at very little cost. And to make it even simpler, just go to our Order Page, upload your book press release, and we will distribute it to all the top-tier media outlets (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW) for you.

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