Ebook Launch Press Release

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Congratulations on writing and publishing your new Ebook! That is an accomplishment that anyone can be proud of.

I’m sure you realize, though, that your work is just beginning.

Now comes the part where you inform the media about the launch of your new book.

After all, you can’t expect anyone to buy your book if no one even knows it exists.

What exactly can you do to announce the launch of your new Ebook to the world?

You can issue an Ebook press release.

In today’s world of instant and widespread communication, many think that the press release is dead. However, it is very much alive and it’s your best tool for reaching your target audience, the people who are most likely to buy your book. You just have to know how craft it effectively.

First and foremost, remember that you need a great, attention-grabbing headline! It needs to be concise and to convey your message clearly in as few words as possible. A great example is this one: “New book relates NASA physicist’s theory of what came before the Big Bang.” This headline conveys the most important message about the book in a way that definitely grabs the audience’s attention!

In your first paragraph, you should provide a brief summary of what the book is about. Make sure that your description is concise and engaging, so that people will want to continue reading.

In the remaining paragraphs, include any other links, facts, or quotes that would be relevant to a reader who wants to know more about your book. This is the place to include links to any reviews, or even some quotes from them. You can even make a short video (a “book trailer”) that reveals engaging details about your book, and post a link to it in your Ebook press release.

Send Your Ebook Launch Press Release Now

In the world of digital publishing, it can seem impossible to get the attention of your readers, but an Ebook press release is your best tool to accomplish that.

You worked really hard on this book. Now make sure you give it the great send-off it deserves!

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