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Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit: Increase Sales by Accepting Bitcoin

The launch date of this book is October 18th, 2017; and will be available for sale for $19.99 on However, for our audience only, if you subscribe now right here, we will send you an ebook version 100% free once we launch!

The Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit is ideal for anyone that is new to Bitcoin, we delve into what Bitcoin is and how it can help you and even detail how to get started accepting Bitcoin in your store RIGHT NOW. The Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit is direct and to the point with the information that matters to you, we designed this book with quick, easy to read, sections that provide key information that you will retain easily.

The Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit features:

  • Bitcoin is quick, cheap, and growing quickly
  • Accepting Bitcoin is easy to implement online and in-store
  • Lower fees versus competing online payment services
  • Reach millions of new potential customers

"Some of my colleagues raved about how well business have been since they've started accepting Bitcoin so I gave it a try on one of my side businesses and I did notice a small (but noticible) increase in sales. The next obvious decision for me was to have my development team start developing the ability to accept Bitcoin to PR Distribution. That was where I got the idea for this book. As we start developing our rollout of Bitcoin into PR Distribution, I want to share this along with HOW we are doing it, down to the technical implementations, with all of our customers so they can benefit from the avant of this new form of accepting payment and reap the benefits of a larger base of potential buyers." - CEO of PR Distribution.

These companies accept Bitcoin right now:

Bitcoin is good enough and trusted by these companies. Shouldn’t you be accepting Bitcoin on your site?

The Bitcoin Ecommerce Kit can have a similar effect on your business. Don't hold back now, click here to begin beating your competition!

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