12 Free Press Release Templates for a well-crafted Press Release

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A focused press release distribution service ensures that your news release gets in front of the relevant journalists already looking for related news. But a press release that doesn’t tell the whole story or seems more like a boring sales pitch might end up in a trash folder. At its best, a press release should offer all the necessary answers such as who, what, where, when, why, and how of your organization. It should tell the story or news without getting into too much unnecessary detail. 

Remember, you are trying to impress journalists, editors, and writers, and not the laymen. They are certainly not looking for a fancy vocabulary or heavy presentation. They only care about the substance of the story and its importance for their readership. You can’t write a press release 3 or 4 pages long and expect people to read it. 

How to write a newsworthy press release?

Begin with a template

If you are new to press release writing, having a press release template can make a huge difference to the final outcome. You can start filling in the important information without getting worried about the format or necessary elements of a press release. It’s more like getting help from a seasoned press release writer. 

Identify your Goals

Do you want to introduce your new book? Want to increase traffic to your blog post? Or Generate more brand awareness? Set goals for a press release. For example, if you want people to subscribe to your email list, you can write your news release to entice people back to the landing page where you can ask them to enter their name, email, etc. to be on your list. 

Add a newsworthy angle

Your news release shouldn’t be only about you or yourself, rather it should have some appeal to the audiences of the journalists you want to pitch your news release to. Also include business name, contact information, website URL, logo, etc. to make your news release stand out from other press releases. 

Write an interesting headline

The headline is the most important element of a press release, especially when you are sending it to the journalist through email. Journalists usually decide whether they want to open an email or not just by looking at the subject. You can choose to skip the subheader but it can be helpful to elaborate the headline. 

Write your story or news

The first paragraph should provide the core information about the news you want to share with the world. Don’t share too much detail here. Keep it brief so the journalist can scan the content in ten seconds. 

For the rest of the paragraphs, you can add more detail. Feel free to add images, statistics, facts, or quotes by the management. Develop the first paragraph into a news story. Once, you are done with the content, don’t forget to proofread for mistakes.  

Press Release Templates

To help out the business owners, marketing professionals, and PR individuals, we have sorted out 12 free press release templates for various kinds of occasions. Instead of writing everything from scratch, just click on the template that resonates most with your situation or business, fill in your information, proofread and send it to the media contact list

  1. App Press Release Template
  2. Band Press Release Template
  3. Book Launch Press Release Template
  4. Campaign Launch Press Release Template
  5. Charity Event Press Release Template
  6. Event Press Release Template
  7. Film Press Release Template
  8. Grand Opening Press Release Template
  9. Product Launch Press Release Template
  10. Restaurant Press Release Template
  11. Small Business Press Release Template
  12. Website Press Release Template