2020 Press Release Checklist by PR Distribution™

press release checklist

Press Release distribution can be a great opportunity to connect with prospective customers who have never heard of your products or services before. It allows you to reach out to the general public via reputable media outlets and using their readership. This can be quite an affordable and effective way to impact people and make them visit your website or create more awareness around your brand. 

But, making people, especially journalists, read your news release isn’t as easy it sounds. They get hundreds of news releases in their inbox almost every week. Due to this immense number of emails and messages, it is not possible for these journalists to go through each email. Especially if the email is coming from an unknown source.

Having a press release distribution service with a good reputation among journalists can certainly help. They have built relationships with these journalists over these years, which helps them to reach out to the media outlets. 

At PR Distribution Inc. we believe that press release writing service shouldn’t be expensive. We offer quite flexible and affordable packages ranging from one PR to a yearly press release distribution service. But, if you want to write your story and distribute it through our platform, there is also a package for only distribution service as well. 

However, writing a press release isn’t similar to writing a blog post or article. It requires journalistic writing skills and SEO knowledge to craft a well-written press release that journalists love to read or share. Even the best press release distribution service can’t help produce the required results if your news release is boring or doesn’t provide the necessary information for the prospective customers. 

To help small business owners like you, we have curated a list of points you should consider while writing a news release. This allows business owners to write a captive and newsworthy press release even if they haven’t written a news release before. 

The press release checklist talks about almost 22 important elements of a press release such as –

  • Does the press release have an interesting subject line? 
  • Does the story have subheading and necessary information before the first paragraph? 
  • Does the first paragraph summarize the story? 
  • Does your news release tell the story in the third person? 
  • Does your release have the necessary contact information for the reader? 
  • And so much more.

You can download the press release checklist from the official website.

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