5 Reasons Why You Need Press Release Distribution 🤨

With the plethora of digital marketing tools available, why would anybody choose press release distribution?

Here are just a few reasons…

1. Increasing your sales: If your customers find your products or services through search engines, PRs have a massive advantage in getting ranked because our media outlets are high in authority.

2. Boost visibility: Because our PRs get pulled into the top of search engines and news aggregators, once you send a PR, all those subsequent views/clicks you receive will be free, as opposed to PPC where you pay for each click.

3. Social proof and Lollapalooza effect: Tap into Charlie Munger’s “Lollapalooza effect” with As Seen On logos on your website, in conjunction with other techniques such as posting the media outlets that feature your business on social media, email campaigns,etc.

4. Search engine optimization: SEO is built on top of backlinks, and when you send a PR, all those media outlets will have a backlink to your website, giving your website a boost in SEO.

5. “Generate buzz forever”: What is unique with PR Distribution™ is that we will host your PR forever. Our competitors delete old PRs. We do not. We feed them into search engines to continue letting our customers’ news show up in search results years in the future. 

Get on Bloomberg, AP News, Street Insider, Market Watch, Yahoo! Finance (domestic and int’l), Morningstar, Benzinga; CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW stations and affiliates; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News and so many more with PR Distribution!

PR Distribution™

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