Best Cheap Press Release Distribution in 2021

Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution is one of the most legitimate ways to get some online visibility. Even search engines like Google approves Press Release as a creditable tool to convey the news directly to the prospective customer or community.

There are some free PR distribution services out there. There is nothing wrong with going and spreading your news through these free distribution services. But if you are looking for some serious results, hire an affordable wire service instead. It takes effort to craft a well-written press release that journalists and the prospective audience would like to read. 

But I think that releasing your story to the world shouldn’t be expensive. There are a few affordable yet high-quality news wire services out there. And you just need to find what works best for your business. 

Here are the seven cheap press release distribution services you can use today to get your story to a much larger audience.

1. PR Distribution™ 

Brands looking to exceed their marketing objectives and outreach to the general public rely on PR Distribution™. Its service helps to build awareness and generate media outreach. Unlike many other PR distribution services, they allow you to create engaging news releases with the integration of images, videos, etc. without any additional fee. They also don’t restrict the number of words in a news release.

They have an in-house team of writers, editors that helps businesses to craft a newsworthy message and distribute it to the general public through influential media professionals. They own one of the largest media contact databases in the industry to ensure a wider outreach.

For post-distribution service, PR Distribution™ offers actionable insights with visibility and performance reports so that clients can make more informed decisions regarding their future marketing strategies.

2. PR Underground

PR Underground is a top-notch press release distribution service that allows small business owners, entrepreneurs, or writers to spread the word about their product or services. For the basic plan you get placement to all major search engines and two major PR sites feed – Marketwatch and PR Newswire.

This service allows business owners to upload press releases with multimedia attachments like images, videos, etc, effortlessly through their site. They also offer a monthly distribution plan starting from $49 to $300, depending on the number of PRs you need to distribute each month.

3. Send2Press

Send2Press is one of the leading press release writing and distribution service working since 1983. They have helped hundreds of businesses to publish their press release and extend their outreach. They have an in-house team of professional press release writings who can craft you a well-written press release with a few drafts to choose from.

They offer state and national-level news distribution plans starting from $99 and $199 respectively. The standard national distribution plan ensures that you get your press release distributed to almost 6,000 news outlets across the nation.

They also offer social media placements with hashtags. You can include media attachments like audio or video for free. There is no membership fee with Send2Press. Simply pay for the services you need and you are done. 

4. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is another reputable PR agency on our list for its affordable and best press release distribution service to businesses of all sizes. It uses a cloud-based platform and easy-to-navigate user interface that lets you upload and distribute the news to the digital and traditional news outlets.

The basic standard package is perfect for small business owners starting from $49. For the basic package, you will get the press release syndication to 50 premium news websites and their PR feed.

They also offer cutting-edge distribution tracking and reports to see the performance of the PR campaign. It provides a massive variety of options for distribution to their users. They are free to use but allow only one press release per user. Their other disadvantage is the lack of reporting. They don’t provide any sort of analytics or reports for users to analyze the success or performance of their PR campaign.

5. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire allows businesses to reach massive local, nation, and international distribution, targeting the news outlets. This service distributes the news release to 350+ news sites, major search engines like Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News, etc.

Easy Newswire offers a standard distribution package for up to 600 words, the premium distribution and premium PRO distribution up to 1000 words. Easy Newswire makes it possible for Public Relations Agencies, Corporate Communications Departments, Business Owners, Writers and anyone else seeking to target the media with the perfect press release distribution.


A press release distribution service offers an opportunity for business owners to share their latest highlights with the world through influencers, bloggers, journalists, and traditional news outlets. Choosing the right PR agency can help a lot in terms of writing engaging content and distributing it to the right people at the right time.

I have listed the best press release distribution services you can rely on, but if you ask for one company, I would advise you to use the services of PR Distribution™. They offer premium features at very affordable rates. They don’t restrict you with the word count or multimedia inclusion.

You can check out their website for the free press release checklist to learn how to write an engaging and newsworthy news release.

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at