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Press Release Distribution

The press release can be a great tool for businesses to get in front of users looking for news related to the products or services they offer. Due to its effectiveness, lots of people are turning to PR campaigns to market their business.

There are free and paid press release distribution services for you to choose from. But like anything else, you get what you paid for. Free press release distribution doesn’t guarantee you any measurable results, or analytics which is essential if you are serious about the growth of your business.

Getting PR writing or distribution services from a PR agency can be a tough decision to make, especially, if you don’t know what you are doing. There are hundreds of PR agencies out there But not all of these are reliable or worth your money. To help businesses looking for media outreach at budget, I have curated a list of 5 best paid press release distribution services that work for a business of all sizes.

1. PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is the first choice of many small businesses looking for affordable and effective press release distribution to create more brand awareness. They sell their service as low as $49 with a PR plan and $99 without a plan.

PR Distribution™ is a full-service press release agency. That means you get the press release writing and distribution service in one place. With the higher-tier of the service, you can stand out from the competitors as they publish your press release on nearly 100+ premium news outlets. With every plan you get 100% spam-free, SEO-optimized distribution that is perfect for building good ranking in the search engines for your keywords.

2. Send2Press

Send2Press offers press release writing and distribution plans starting at $29. They can distribute your story to multiple high-quality news channels, including print, AP National, and social media websites.

They also have free proofreading and editing service for small business owners. But their customer support is almost unresponsive and available only within working hours.

3. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a press release distribution service that can target your release based on the demographic (state, local, city, nation), audience profile (gender, ethnicity, age), or niche of the business.

This is good for mid-level business who know their audience well and can afford some dollars to spend for extended outreach. Their plans start at $350 that allows a 400-word press release unless you pay more.

4. PR Underground

PR Underground delivers high-quality press release distribution that many businesses rave about. For $49.99, you get your release to be distributed to Google News,, 80+ syndicated TV and news websites, and social media websites. Although for larger distribution, the prices increase even further.

5. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire helps businesses want to distribute their press release throughout news outlets. Easy Newswire allows you to include 600 words for standard distribution and up to 1000 words for premium pro distribution. You can include images or videos with the premium packages as well. Unfortunately, the basic package doesn’t provide much and you have to pay an extra fee for the additional services.


Based on the factors like budget, free services, allowed word count & multimedia, etc. I recommend PR Distribution™  as the best press release distribution for business. Writing or distributing a press release to the media distribution list isn’t hard.

What makes it important that the PR agency provides some kind of analytics and does the follow-up after releasing the news? This enables you to make more informed decisions based on the figures and analytics. They also have a free press release checklist available to help their customers.

You can decide better what’s working for you and what’s not.

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at

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