Best Press Release Distribution: PR Distribution™ #1 Premium National Outlet (Fit Small Business)

A press release distribution is a structure that allows for small businesses to effectively send and circulate their press releases to a large and interested audience, through the easiest, but most affordable means possible. The press release distribution service connects businesses with targeted audiences, through the use of various social media platforms, news outlets, broadcasters, journalists, bloggers, small and large scale influencers, and so on. In other words, a press release distribution lets businesses reach a large number of their target audience/customers, through a wide number of outlets.

When a company employs a PR agency, the PR agency chooses a reliable Press release distribution service (like PR Distribution™) that will effectively communicate the brand of their client. This PR agency then makes a press release and send this release to different journalists, news outlets, social media, and online/printed media. PR Distribution™ are experts that boast of the best methods for your business to gain maximum traction, they know the right places to send your press release, and they know the type of content needed for potential customers to notice you. Renowned for its distribution cutting across premium national outlets, like CBS, ABC, and Fox, it is no surprise that Fit Small Businesses rates PR Distribution ™ as the “Best for Premium National Outlet Distribution” this year.

How Fit Small Business Evaluated Press Release Services

According to Fit Small Business, many factors were considered in the evaluation process of notable press release distribution service in 2020. “A great small business press release distribution service should allow small businesses to affordably send a release to an interested audience while employing features that allow them to stand out for a greater chance of coverage”. Therefore, these press release distribution services were reviewed based on their:

  • Budget-friendly prices for small businesses
  • Number of outlets
  • Guidance features (like professional press release writing services)
  • Allowed multimedia inclusions and formats
  •  Audience targeting strengths and options
  • Maximum press release word count
  • Press release proofreading, editing and writing services
  • Press release publishing, tracking and analysis reporting

Based on the listed criteria, PR Distribution ™ was labeled “Best for Premium National Outlet Distribution” simply because, when compared with other press release distribution services, PR Distribution ™ has the highest ratio of pros to cons – with just a con to its name.

Pros and Cons of PR Distribution ™

PR Distribution ™is a press release distribution company known for its affordability to small businesses – their premium plan sells for as low as $69. This service is great for small businesses that are looking to expand and therefore, looking for investors and investment opportunities.

PR Distribution ™ is a press release writing and distribution provider that stands out by allowing you to publish your press release on many premium national outlets including ABC, CBS, Fox, amongst others. This service is perfect for businesses that are working on a tight budget but will also like to reach a large audience. Since the large majority of people in the world will one way or the other come across the above mentioned premium national outlets, it is safe to say that this service is more than capable to link small businesses with their prospective customers.


  • Small-business friendly plan
  • Advanced national, local, regional and industry-specific targeting in all of their plans
  • Very affordable press release writing services
  • Social media distribution for all press releases
  • Multimedia embedding included in all plans
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Distribution to premium national outlets like Fox, CW, ABC, CBS, and affiliates
  • 24/7 support
  • Permanent press release hosting on PR Distribution


  • A very limited number of outlets, compared to competitors

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PR Distribution ™ Pricing and Plans

PR Distribution™ plans range from as low as $69 to $399 and are based on three options: Single Release Distribution (ranges from $69 to $399 one-time fee/release), Monthly Press Release Distribution (from $89/release), and Yearly Press Release Distribution (from $79/release). It is important to note that there are variations in prices depending on several factors and services to be rendered, such as the volume of press releases, additional features, distribution type, and support offered.

Single Press Release Distribution

A Single Press Release Distribution package on PR Distribution ™ is categorized into Premium (from $69/release), Premium Pro (from $199/release), and Premium Concierge (from $399/release). A premium plan on PR Distribution ™ includes a whopping 25 to 100+ guaranteed press release placements on popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Google Plus, etc., just as on TV and radio news outlets, like Fox, CBS, etc. Offers included in their advanced plans include 50 to 75 additional placements, a release SEO audit, a two-tiered editorial process, and analytics reports available for your download any time.

Monthly Press Release Distribution

A Monthly Press Release Distribution package also includes; Premium (from $69/release), Premium Pro (from $179/release), and Premium Concierge (from $359/release). You can also opt for either the private label release distribution packages – which allows users to distribute labels without their branding included or the unbranded label press release distribution package – which distributes releases without the branding of PR Distribution ™.

Annual Press Release Distribution

An annual Press Release Distribution package gives users the freedom to send between 24 to 193 press releases per annum. Also categorized as Premium (from $79/release), Premium Pro (from $159/release), and Premium Concierge (from $319/release), you may as well opt for the private label distribution or unbranded distribution options.

All plan categories offer:

  • Unlimited press release word counts
  • National, regional, local and industry targeting
  • An option to target up to five industries per press release distribution
  • A minimum of 25 traditional and digital outlets
  • Analytics reports
  • Press release social media distribution
  • Attached and embedded multimedia
  • Ability to add press release writing services for as low as $69

Need more information about pricing, features, and reviews on PR Distribution ™? Read our 2020 PR Distribution reviews page or 6 Best Press Release Distribution Services 2020 compiled by Fit Small Business and Get Started.

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