Best Press Release Distribution Companies in the USA

Press Release Distribution

Every day business owners try to find new or better ways to market their products or services. Press release distribution is one of these marketing strategies that work especially for small businesses or startups. Press release allows such businesses to get some internet visibility through mainstream news outlets, social media, and online/print media.

This is how it works; a company looking for some extended outreach hires a good press release distribution agency that can send a press release on its behalf to journalists or news outlets. These companies usually work with different journalists who are already in need of such related news. By providing news to the relevant journalist, it helps both – journalists and business.

A big challenge arises when the business owner likes you and doesn’t know which company to choose. There are several factors you should consider before making the final decision like your budget, the outreach you are looking for, the authority or reputation of the company, the relevant experience, or client feedback it has.

To help a business owner like you, I have sorted out a list of 10 best press release distribution companies in the USA. Let’s go through these PR agencies one by one to see which fits best to your needs.

1. PR Distribution™

PR Distribution™ is a press release distribution company known for its affordability and excellent analytical reports for each PR campaign. They stand out from the rest of the companies by allowing you to send you to your story to up to 100+ premium news outlets including ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and their affiliates at very reasonable rates.

PR Distribution™ offers small businesses on a tight budget an opportunity to reach out to the extended outreach and potential customer’s community. They target premium national outlets to reach out to the relevant journalists, writers, bloggers, and it is safe to say that they are more than capable of connecting small businesses with their prospective customers.

This service is great for small businesses looking for an affordable way to tell their story on a national level. They allow unlimited word count with multimedia attachments like images, video inclusion without any extra fee. You can check out their pricing plan here.

2. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a PR distribution service that offers a wide range of services. They own a huge database of important contacts from the journalistic world that allows them to distribute your story based on location (local, national), customer’s persona (male, female, age).

So, if you own a business with requirements of targeting a specific group, this PR agency can help you publish your story to the right customer base, rather than getting a mixed group of people that may or may not be interested in your products or services.

Although, PR Newswire is expensive to use starting from $350 with an additional fee to include any media attachments. They also charge a membership fee.

PR Newswire doesn’t offer a press release writing service.

3. PR Web

PR Web offers permanent placement on PRWeb and PR Newswire’s public relations feed as their standard plan. The other distribution plans start from $99 to $389. Higher-tier of service plans further extends to servicing like distributing the press release to the target community, proofreading, and editorial feedback, syndication on a much larger scale, and multimedia attachments.

They don’t offer any writing services and proofread your press release only if you choose high-tiered plans. You can’t add images or videos in your press release with the basic plans. This again needs to pay extra.

4. Send2Press

Send2Press is a full-service press release writing and distribution service working since 1983. For as low as $89, they offer editing, proofreading reading services with multiple revisions and drafts.

They offer distribution services at the state and national levels. A full national plan with push to 6,000+ media outlets is just $199 with no membership fees. Distribution to one state is just $99. All plans include a custom social media marketing campaign built-in ($99 value).

5. Business Wire

Business Wire was launched in 1961 in the USA as the press release distribution services intended to help small businesses with their public relations marketing strategy. It started as a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway but soon extended to 18 newsrooms worldwide. This ensures that your press release gets attention from a wide-range audience.

Unlike many PR distribution services, Business wire offers multi-language distribution facilities in more than 20 languages. No matter which country or accent you want to reach out, the Business wire has a solution for you.

Their service is slightly pricier than usual distribution services due to extra features and large news networks they are tuned in. This service isn’t for small-business owners who just need to test the water but helps businesses want to reach the next level.

6. Globe Newswire

Globe Newswire distribution network is one of the most reliable, gives you extended global reach while delivering the message to the audiences that matter most. Globe Newswire offers a wide range of services for companies and agencies of all sizes and types to suit their communication needs.

It helps disseminate your corporate news quickly and efficiently. They require you to register at their website to use their service and creating a new account is free with them.

7. eReleases

eReleases is a press release distribution service provider in the USA. It offers custom US national PR Newswire distribution service, which allows you to send your release to the relevant journalists. The distribution also includes 550 news content systems like SmartBriefs, Moody’s, McGraw-Hill, and LexisNexis.

It has over 20+ years of experience and has nurtured relationships with journalists, reporters, and bloggers. They can connect your business to industry-specific trade magazines, reporters, and bloggers. Their media database exceeds 1.7 million contacts, including 700,000+ bloggers & social media influencers.

The distribution plans start from $299 up to $499 with most 600-words per release. You can also get the press release writing service for an additional fee.

8. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press release is a great press release distribution choice for small business owners with small budgets. Their media contact database consists of almost 30,000 contacts from the top news outlets and the associated news agencies. You can get your release distributed to nearly 50 news outlets for %69.

It offers nation-wide distribution for businesses of all sizes and specialties. They offer distribution to nearly 4,500+ platforms for maximum visibility. Their editors can collaborate with you if necessary to create a press release according to your business narrative. 

They offer great customer service, translation service, editorial support, but lack the reporting feature. Without post-production analytics and reports, you may feel lost about the performance of the distribution.

9. PR Underground

PR Underground is a high-quality yet budget-friendly press release distribution service. For only $49.99 you can get your story released to the Google News,, Social media, and 80+ syndicated news sites.

PRuMax Plan includes the above plus guaranteed Yahoo Finance and distribution for $309. There is no membership fee or contract to deal with. Just pay for the press release.

10. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire is relatively new but one of the most promising press release distribution services in the US. You can start pushing your press release through the company in just $49. For even the basic package you get the 350+ public site placements, social media exposure, and search engine News visibility.

High-tier of the services get you more outreach and visibility that goes from $399 to $999 depending on the number of placements you want.


We have gone through each press release distribution services provider considered among the top ten companies but based on factors like affordability, allowed word count, multimedia integration, and performance reports, I would recommend PR Distribution™ as the best press release distribution service for the small business owners. 

They have experience working in the PR industry for almost two decades. They also offer press release writing, editing, proofreading along with the distribution services so you don’t have to hire any other writer outside the agency. 

With affiliations with large news networks like FOX and ABC, CBS, CW, and so on, PR Distribution™ guarantees the success of your PR campaign. They also have a free press release checklist and media contact database containing over 100,000 contacts available to help their customers. No other company offers this many features at such affordable rates.

For more information on PR Distribution™, please see their website at